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Why Ezee Rank Tracker Is The Right Choice Today

Ezee Rank Tracker


If you go on a lookout for rank tracking softwares on the internet you will find hundreds of options. However, all these softwares are not the best and don’t provide the features you need to monitor your website’s ranking most diligently. Ezee Rank Tracker is, however, one software that can outperform most other contenders out there. It has become a favorite of many due to its intuitive interface, extremely user-friendly environment, rich and detailed tracking features. It covers almost all the aspects of website rank tracking and blends the many SEO aspects with it seamlessly. Here are some reasons why this software has to be your choice today.

It Is Easy To Use

Ezee Rank Tracker is easy to use and you will be compelled to say that as soon as you see its interface. All the options and buttons are easily located on the software. Furthermore, there is a very neat and clean feel to its interface. You will take no time in understanding the graphs and charts on the software. The tables are perfectly arranged and very easy to understand. The tabs are located on top left, main window and most sub-windows that will open while performing different tasks are mostly with white background. This makes the software look neat.

It Makes Your Life Easier

There are many features on this software that have been designed to make your life easier. Think of the customized graph generating features for example. You can decide and choose a specified timeframe on the software and it will give you the graph and reports of only that duration. You want to send website ranking reports to your clients; this software allows you to do that automatically. Your reports are being sent to the right people without you even doing a single action on the software. Automatic schedule is there on the software so you receive notifications at the times when you are most comfortable.

It Gives You Unlimited Freedom

It might sound very pleonastic but oftentimes we see that freedom is limited. Ezee Rank Tracker gives you unlimited freedom. Your keywords that you work on are unlimited so you get notifications on as many keywords as you want. Similarly, you can track unlimited domains as well. Google’s 188 domains designed for different regions and countries of the world can all be checked individually to see the ranking of your website through this software. You are getting a free statistical report on MozRank, PA, DA and PR of your domains. The localization setting portion of the software lets you have different settings for your website on all 188 domains of Google.

It Takes Social Networks Into Account

Seeing your website’s rank on the results of major search engines is important but it’s not the lock, stock and barrel of SEO. Social networking websites are just as important as SERPs when it comes to tracking the reputation of your website and its rank. Ezee Rank Tracker lets you get the information on indicators of all major social networking websites such as Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook etc. You can keep a close eye on your Youtube videos and their performance too.

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