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Who's Happy About Prop. 19 Going Down? Mexician Drug Cartels

Proposition 19 not passing


Other than suburban types wih their SUVS, lattes, and tea party bumper stickers, there is another primary group that must be ovejoyed that prop 19 in California did not pass.

And that is the Mexican Drug Cartels. They've become big news lately with hundreds of shootings, killing many of their own and kidnapping American tourists in Tiajuana (I would change my spring break plans if I were you).

So, I'll give you a hint what their number one cash crop is, it starts m, and ends with a juana. That's right marijuana! And now that it's still illegal in California (I mean, it's only punishable by a 100 dollar fine max for less than an ounce (a lot of weed), and no jail time, so still not a biggie. (Minor in posession of alcohol can get you six months--I know California's a strange state).

Anyway, now Califonians can only get marijuana legally through obtaining a doctor's reccomendation from the likes of Dr. 420, for every ailment from migranes, insomnia, anxiety, depression, ADHD, etc.

Not to knock the program, but there are plenty of people who probably don't need it who get of the nice things is you know what you're getting. Sativas give you a high but don't put you to sleep, indicas are relaxing. To the average pot smoker this may be immaterial, but to the anxiety prone pot smoker, it is paramount.

They also have edibles, soda, and even pills with hash oil in them.

It's like Stoner Heaven.

Anyway, now the cartels can rest easy at night, knowing they still got a huge demand up north, for all those who lack the intelligence or easy deceitfullness to get a simple doctor's note.


  • THINKER 5 years ago

    the cartels did not and do not care about prop 19. They would not stop growing if prop 19 passed. They operate outside the law and it is foolish to think a state proposition would effect them. The whole world is their market not just California. It seems more likely they would hide under the cover of the Proposition

  • Profile picture of Cedric Severino
    Cedric Severino 5 years ago

    You're just wrong here. IIt's called the law of supply and demand. When something is illegal the demand for the illegal product, marijuana, supplied by the cartels, increases. Legalize it, and you will have people legitimately growing it in California with no blood shed. Take Econ 101 and you'll understand.

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