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Who’s in Charge of Bob?: A book review

Who’s in Charge of Bob?
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Who’s in Charge of Bob?


In our current cultural climate it has become the norm to abdicate responsibility for one’s self, or to shift blame and responsibility onto others. This is why it is refreshing to see the release of Fred Grooms’ new book, Who's In Charge of Bob?: The Key to Moving from Ordinary to Extraordinary. This exciting new resource provides practical tools and insights for students to take charge of their lives, to take responsibility for their lives and to focus on their strengths, as well as managing their weaknesses for greater outcomes and transformation.

Fred Grooms does a fantastic job of weaving his own story together with the testimony and stories of others to give examples of how to overcome obstacles to success and growth. Fred addresses strengths and weaknesses in his book through the following chapters: A Glimpse into Personal Strengths, You Are Talented, Discover and Uncover Your Talents, Investing In and Utilizing Your Talents, Dealing with Your Weaknesses, and Who’s in Charge of Bob? Learning to Take Charge.

In the back of the book, Fred gives practical insights, advice, tools and resources in his closing thoughts and in the appendix on Strengths Assessment. The appendix provides valuable links to StrengthsFinder®, through the Gallup organization, as well as StrengthsQuest®, through Clifton Strengths Assessment. Fred provides program ideas and offers his speaking and consulting services through and Barnabas Consulting.

Who's In Charge of Bob? is a solid resource for students who are not only looking to understand who they are, but who are looking to understand how who they are will shape who they are becoming and how they will impact the world. As life long learners, we must seek to understand who we are, how we will be shaped, and how we can shape the world around us—from ordinary to extraordinary. As Fred says at the beginning of Who’s in Charge of Bob?: The Key to Moving from Ordinary to Extraordinary, “There is no investment you can make that will pay you as well as the investment you make in discovering more of who you were made to be.”

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