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‘White Album 2’: Review

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White Album 2


‘White Album 2’ is a follow up to an anime series that was released five years prior. Like its predecessor, ‘White Album 2’ has a musically related theme and an emphasis on character romance. However, beyond the similar themes and a few allusions to the original anime, ‘White Album 2’ is a stand alone experience with a complete new set of characters, plot, and setting.

‘White Album 2’ revolves around three central characters that decide to give a musical performance at a school festival. Each of the leading characters fit into roles any anime veteran has seen before. Haruki Kitahara is the hopeful, dedicated, but easy going leader to the light music club’s effort to perform. Kazusa Touma is a temperamental outsider and reluctant participant with strong musical talent. Setsuna Ogiso is the stereotypical shy but popular girl that has a natural talent for singing.

From the outset, ‘White Album 2’ risks looking like a cookie cutter high school anime. However, the characters develop in interesting ways and the dynamic of the love triangle is sure to pull in any fan of drama. A really refreshing aspect is that the anime portrays a much more realistic development of story than a lot of other high school based animes. ‘White Album 2’ is sure to leave the viewer with satisfaction through the bitter sweet journey of its three high school protagonists.