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Whispering Willows Review

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Whispering Willows


Whispering Willows is a video game that initially gives a positive impression but its strength becomes obvious only after spending some time with it. In the character of Elena you have to find out what happened not only to your father in the mysterious Willows mansion but to several others also. This adventure game with wonderful looks moves at a slower pace than expected. Unlike Super Famicom's Clock Tower its uncertain attitude about what is happening in the next room creates terror among players. This horror game is a mixture of RPG gaming with a touch of Calstlevania with a twist of its open ended style.

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Most of your time is spent in solving puzzles and finding things which give it a point and click style. But to give pace to the game you also have to fulfill certain conditions to find things. Elena has to transform from her human form to supernatural form and return again after finding things. The adventurous element of Whispering Willows has been maintained by creating a reliable inventory of the items searched by you within an hour. You can not use those items to support you but they have to be kept in their respective order.

The structure of Whispering Willows is so attractive that you will like spending hours with it. Its puzzles are so captivating that you can not stop yourself. You can not focus on your work after playing his game for a while. Moreover its slow pace provides you opportunity to apply your mind in finding the next item along with focusing on your previous locations consistently. The player has to move around the game in a methodical manner that is why its pace is kept slow. Though you can run at certain points but not at all as you have to focus on the crucial notes left by the deceased characters.

The most fatal drawback of Whispering Willows, an open ended game, is that no map is provided in it to help you in finding different things, which frustrates the players the most. Various similar looking sections and interiors in this game also confuse the players. Though you can make up your own map to solve the puzzles but in this digital era and in the presence of so many controls not to have a map gives an odd impression. You can use the notes of the departed souls to move further in the game but in the absence of a map you will have to remember their locations and messages to move ahead. It is an interesting game with all of its logical features and easy to operate controls except the absence of map.

Lots of graphics and 2D animation of the characters in desolate background provides more appropriate and suitable environment to the characters of Whispering Willows. Its walking and working characters give a natural feel due to its smooth animation. All the activities including sound effect of this game are so perfectly designed that it creates a haunting atmosphere around the players and nothing distracts the players from it.

On the whole Whispering Willows is an interesting horror video game that is worth a buy especially since Ouya is now offering it at 33% off.