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Which one makes YOU happy?

Several songs with the title "Happy" have become hit records.
Several songs with the title "Happy" have become hit records.
Original Cover: Salsoul/CBS Records

Record single by Various Artists: "Happy" (1969 +)


Here’s why these songs should be in your collection!

Serious music fans and collectors know that Pharrell Williams is only the latest musical artist to have a hit song called “Happy.” And they know he is in good company. Dozens of songs have the word “happy” in their title. Several hits with that one-word title come from the R&B genre. Generally, each one is different. Here are some examples.

In 1969 William Bell released “Happy” as a single from his album Bound To Happen. It became one of his greatest hits on the Stax label.

In 1975, “Happy” became the title of a hit single from The Hit Man, the sixth solo album by former Temptations member Eddie Kendricks on the Motown/Tamla label. R&B fans enjoyed both the album version and the 45rpm single.

In 1987, Bernard Jackson, David Conley, and David Townsend took “You Make Me Happy,” a song they had written in 1984 for Hi Tension, a British funk band, and rerecorded it as a band called Surface. “Happy” soared to #2 on R&B charts with album and single versions.

These songs are available on various albums in CD and MP3 format from major vendors. Please consider purchasing them from a local independent record store.

Here’s an interesting fact!

“Happy” is also the title of songs by Michael Henderson, Leona Lewis, and The Rolling Stones. Ironically, Pharrell Williams was not the first artist to record his version of the song; he originally presented it to Cee Lo Green.