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Which Movie Stars Had The Worst Year in 2013 ?

The Bad Luck Trio?
The Bad Luck Trio?

Worst Movies Of 2013



By Kyle Osborne

Hey, remember who the star owners of the Planet Hollywood Restaurant chain were back in the 90’s? The big 3 were Stallone, Willis and Schwarzenegger. And guess what? They were each repeat offenders in 2013, starring in some of the worst movies of the year.

Arnold kicked off the year with the execrable ‘The Last Stand’, so awful that it stayed in contention for worst virtually the entire 12 months of 2013. ‘Escape Plan’ was also a dud, but we’ll come to that in a moment.

Bruce’s latest Die Hard installment was shoddily put together, he walked through the damn thing and, worst of all movie sins, it was boring. Apparently even he didn’t like ‘Red 2’ based on his now infamous antics (check YouTube) whilst being interviewed in London. Not many others liked it, either. And the horrendous G.I. Joe Retaliation can’t be blamed on him—not entirely, but he was at the scene of the crime.

But, poor Sly. I have always liked him, and he’s always been very kind to me during interviews. He had three strikes this year, though, to be fair, his flops weren’t the worst of the year, they just weren’t good. Bullet To The Head (here’s my review: ) from almost a year ago had its moments, but it didn’t draw much interest. Escape Plan—this is the one in which he co-starred with Arnold, had potential, but couldn’t get off the ground. And finishing the year with Grudge Match, a movie co-starring another once legendary actor who seems to rarely turn down parts these days, was doubly sad; not only a bad film, but one about aging fighters, past their prime, getting back in the ring for a pay day. Does that sound familiar? Anyone?

So, like the once trendy restaurant these Hollywood Heroes once owned, their films have largely lost the interest of a once adoring public. The exception to the rule seems to be The Expendables, and another one of those, the third, is scheduled for a 2014 release. I hope it does well for these guys—they were my heroes too, once upon a time.

By the way, these guys had a lot of company this year--here's a list of the Worst Films of 2013: