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Which General Hospital pair led to ratings boost in May?


General Hospital


With Fridays General Hospital in the can we can now decide what is bringing the fans back.

Is it Sonny, Ava and (?) ?
Julian, Alexis,Sam and Lucas?
Sam and Silas?
Nina Clay’s arrival”
Tracy and Fluke?
Fluke and Luke?

We know Sonny wants to kill Ava. He is getting good at point blank killings, but Ava was holding a wild card. Who’s positive pregnancy stick was that?

JuLexis have become favorites, even though Alexis is once again putting her whole family in mortal danger. Oh, but the sex is so good.

Sam and Silas are also hot together but another real hot mama is coming to town. Sexy’s back PC.

Tracy and this disgusting Luke imposter? How can anyone root for them when we know what a monster he is. Anyone?

Fluke and Luke are an irresistible pair. Luke drugged to the gills and still able to stand up for his love Tracy. The bad Fluke as mean and immoral, disreputable and vile. These two will come to nding for one of them. who will prevail?

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