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'Where's Mommy' by Beverly Donofrio: Adorable picture book for animal lovers

Adorable picture book about a girl and her mouse friend looking for their mommies
Adorable picture book about a girl and her mouse friend looking for their mommies
courtesy of Schwartz & Wade Books

Where's Mommy by Beverly Donofrio


“Where’s Mommy” by Beverly Donofrio and illustrated by Barbara McClintock is a picture book with two main characters, a human girl and a girl mouse. Unbeknownst to their parents, they are friends.

One night as both girls are getting ready for bed, they both call for their mothers. But their mothers don’t answer. So they both get out of bed and call down for their mothers again, but there is no response. Each then looks in her own kitchen, but the mothers are not there either. They search everywhere.

What’s very clever about this book, and what children will like, is that the actions of the human girl and the girl mouse mimic each other. As a matter of fact, not only do they look in the kitchen at the same time, they they also both ask their brothers where Mom is at the same time.

The lovely illustrations heighten this mirror view of the two girls. The pages are either divided with one girl on the top half and the other on the bottom half, or the illustrator uses the full page and shows the human girl on one page and the mouse on the facing page.

The pages are filled with warm colors, and the illustrations use lots of yellow ocher and raw umber colors that impart a happy, homey feeling.

And children will enjoy the surprise (and happy) ending.

Please note: This review is based on the final hardcover book provided by the publisher, Schwartz & Wade Books for review purposes.

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