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Where health and technology combine: A review of the ENDEVR MyID medic bracelet

MyID Medic Bracelet Colors
MyID Medic Bracelet Colors
Used with permission from ENDEVR

ENDEVR MyID Sport Medic ID Bracelet


I have been using identification bracelets for quite a few years now. In fact I never leave home without one on my wrist. To me (and many others) they are an extra layer of security in case something goes wrong while out and about. Most I.D. bracelets look the same and they function in the same way too, but that is about to change thanks to a company called ENDEVR. ENDEVR's fresh new approach to I.D. (medic) bands is welcome in a market that has become somewhat stale. Not only are the bands great aesthetically, they are also being pushed into the 21st century thanks to the use of QR codes.

MyID Medic Bracelet
Used with permission from ENDEVR

Why wear a medic bracelet?

Medic bracelets can be used for many different reasons, but the sole reason for them is so that the owner of the bracelet can be identified during emergency situations. Whether you are a runner, a cyclist, or just enjoy being outside, knowing that someone can identify you, understand your current and previous medical issues, and get you emergency help quickly should bring peace of mind to anyone.

After having major back surgery in 2010 and again in 2011, I found that I had a need for such a bracelet. I have been wearing an I.D. bracelet every day since my last surgery, and there have been a few times where it has come in handy while out on runs and bike rides. I grew attached to one particular brand, and was honestly reluctant to try something new, but my love for new things (especially when they incorporate technology) made me take the plunge with a band from ENDEVR.

What makes ENDVR different?

On the surface the bands from ENDEVR do the same job as any other medic band available on the market today, but how the information about you is delivered is the key difference. In the past I have worn bands that have all of my personal information displayed right on the band itself, including medical history, and phone numbers, and while it got the job done, I always had it in the back of my mind that perhaps this wasn't the most secure solution in the world. The big question is, then, how can you make your personal information a little more secure? ENDEVR decided to use QR codes, and they work really well for this application.
How the bands work

There are two types of bands available on the market right now, non-interactive and interactive. Non-interactive bracelets are the kind that have all of your personal information visible for the whole world to see on the band itself, while interactive bracelets offer an online element to keep your information protected. ENDEVR bracelets are what I like to call interactive, and this is due to the online medical profile that you get to build for free.

The free online medical profile is filled out by the consumer in the comfort of your own home, either from your computer, or from a dedicated app that is available for the iPhone. The online profile contains information ranging from home address, phone number, emergency contact information, and date of birth, to known allergens, current medications, current medical conditions, current doctors and much more.

The MyID sport bracelet is a great looking band. On the outside of the band is the MyID branding and a star of life. The star of life is what emergency responders look for when trying to see if a individual has a medic I.D. bracelet, so this is a vital detail. On the inside of the bracelet you will find a printed QR code, an ID number, a pin number, and a toll free access number.

When you first get your band, you will need to setup your profile by going to ENDEVR’s website, and from there you activate your band and link it to your account. The whole process only took me 10 minutes, and it was very easy to do, thanks to the great design of the website.

After you have finished setting up your account, you can scan the QR code on your bracelet with a smartphone, and you will be taken immediately to your profile page that displays all of your information. The toll free number is a great feature too, and it is there in case your first responder wants to talk to someone about your profile rather than just look at it on their smartphone. The call center is manned 24 hours per day, 365 days of the year. Either way in an emergency situation, paramedics can get access to vital information about you quickly.

Road test

I have been using the MyID band for close to three weeks now, and I must say that I am really impressed with the band. I love to run and cycle, and I have been putting the band through its paces.

I had a feeling that the band would be irritating at first due to it being made out of a rubber compound (I am used to wearing a nylon band) but those fears were soon put to bed. Running with the band on feels great. The band stayed in place very well; it never slipped around or moved in any way. Even when it was hot outside and I was sweaty, the band stayed in place and did not irritate my skin in any way.

The MyID bracelet is made out of very durable materials that can take a beating. The MyID is capable of standing up to running, cycling, swimming, hiking, or any other activities that you can think of thanks to its design and materials.

The band is very strong, and even after several falls (yes I am clumsy) and scrapes, the band still looks as good as new, but if there is one thing I do have a slight concern about, it would be the printed QR code and toll-free access number that is on inside of the band. It will be interesting to see how the printed information will hold up against constant use, but after three weeks of heavy use everything is still intact.

I decided to take a break during one of my runs and another runner stopped with me. He asked me about my bracelet, and I told him about the features. He pulled his smartphone out and scanned the QR code (with my consent) and was impressed at just how quickly my medical information displayed on the screen. We both agreed that in a time of emergency this feature could save lives. The band worked flawlessly, and it made me feel good to know that if I were to have an accident and could not talk, the first responders could find out everything they need to know.


I am glad that I decided to try a new medic bracelet, as the MyID from ENDEVR has proven itself to be a great band. The overall design is great, and the available colors mean that there is one to suit everyone. The band is comfortable enough to wear all the time, and it is durable enough to stand up to the harshest conditions.

If you know someone who loves to be outdoors, who likes to take part in sports, has food allergies (the additional sleves are perfect for adding extra information) or you know someone just has a very active life, ENDEVR bracelets will make excellent gifts. If you are that active person, or need to be able to communicate special needs during times of emergency, then you cannot afford to be without one.

The MyID band is just $19.95 (that includes 1 year of premium online profile storage), and it is available directly from the ENDEVR website and from many retailers including Target, Walgreens, and Kroger.

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