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'When Harry Met Sally (1989)' Movie Review: Love is blind

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When Harry Met Sally (1989)


Harry Burns (Billy Crystal) and Sally Albright (Meg Ryan) are traveling from Chicago to New York City to start new lives after graduation. Along the way they discuss a number of things and one is that men and women can't just be friends and have sex. That sex is something that will always get in the way of the friendship. They never can get to a final verdict on the question and go their separate ways.

Five years later Sally and Harry are on a plane flight and they run into each other. The question comes up again men and women just being friends and they still can't come up with a proper answer. It really doesn't matter as Sally is in a relationship and Harry is about to get married.

Now these two people really don't get it when they continue to run into each other but they never quite know how to quote unquote hook up. Anyway, the two run into each other at a bookstore and at this time they are both single. They realize that they can talk to each other and go have something to eat. They talk about everything. Harry starts to realize that he does have a "Woman Friend" and he starts to enjoy Sallies company. Sally has started to see someone but doesn't kn ow how to tell Harry but Harry starts to tell Sally about the dates he has gone on, so they start to push each other to dating other people.

The two start to try and hook each other up with people and it turns out that two people they wanted to hook each up with meet and are now getting married. So when Harry and Sally run into each other while shopping for gifts for the wedding they start to talk. They are now seeing other people but when Sally hears some upsetting news she asks harry to come over. Well one thing leads to another and they have sex. Now you would think this would finally get them together wouldn't you well you will have to find out by watching the film.

Director Rob Reiner brings this awkward love affair to the big screen and it's a hit. So if you and your Valentine are sitting at home and want a movie to watch this is the one to view. So Happy Valentine's Day.