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Wheaton's Studio Movie Grill Provides Full Service Moviegoing Experience

Studio Movie Grill

Wheaton Studio Movie Grill


Catering to the ever-growing trend of full service movie theaters, Studio Movie Grill recently bestowed its newest child onto the Wheaton community. The first Studio Movie Grill in Illinois, this location opened to a full house their first few weeks, cleverly utilizing their social media presence to promote free movie passes through Facebook.

Upon arriving, moviegoers will simply get a ticket, pick their exact seat location (like the Kerasotes ICON in the South Loop) and settle in. No more waiting in long lines at the concession stand, breaking out in a sweat, for fear you’ll miss the previews. No, you simply head straight to your seat and get comfortable. Much like the Staples “easy” button, each seat has a table covering your legs (think college lecture halls) with an impossible-to-ignore red button. Simply press it, channeling the movie theater service stewards, who are at your beck and call.

If your concern with this concept, where in-seat dining is encouraged, lies in the fact that you fear it will be disruptive during the film to have food delivered and conversations with the staff, it’s a valid one. However, during my experience, the disruption was minimal. It seemed most guests ordered upon arrival and therefore received their food & beverage selections by the opening credits.

The staff at the Wheaton Studio Movie Grill was very attentive, from entry to exit. They were mostly a young, bubbly bunch, who hadn’t yet been jaded by the daily grind, much like the workforce at large.

The seating was all-encompassing and plush. Even the front rows are far enough back that you’re comfortable, rather than craning your neck like you would in other theaters.

Studio Movie Grill is affordably priced in general, let alone for a new theater, and they have plenty of promotions to entice you in and out of this summer’s scorching Chicago temps.


Children 10 and under // $6.00 M-Th, $7 Fri-Sun

Adults // $8 before 6pm Fri-Sun, $9.75 all other days & times

Seniors (55+) & Students (11+ with proper ID) // $7 M-Th, $8 Fri-Sun

Matinee (M-Th before 6pm, Fri-Sun before Noon) // $5

3D Experience // $3 surcharge

Current promotions

Monday – Margarita Mondays, $2 off margs

Tuesday – Beer & Burger s, both $2 off (regular beers)

Wednesday – Endless Pizza, $9.95 each

Thursday – Pitcher Thursdays, $2 off any appetizer when you buy a pitcher of beer (or bucket) or margs

*Subject to change - Check the theater for the latest offerings

In addition, the concessions are reasonably priced. If you were going to spend $12 on soda and popcorn at any other theater, why not think about other options, such as appetizers, salads, or pizzas? Your movie staples like soda ($2.99), popcorn ($4.50), and candy (select classics $3.75) will of course be available, but you have so many more options at Studio Movie Grill.

With my guest, we sampled the Build Your Own platter, choosing coconut tenders, burger bites, parmesan fries, and chicken quesadillas, none of which disappointed.

Last, but certainly not least, there’s also a bar in the lobby, which makes for a great spot to break the ice if you are foolish enough to see a movie for your first date (click here for other 1st date Dos and Don’ts). Parking is ample, although it’s safe to assume spots will be harder to come by during peak weekend hours and around the releases of heavily hyped films.

As a whole, Studio Movie Grill provides a super-premium movie going experience with as many or few options as you want to take advantage of. Keep an eye out for their Girls Night Out and Classic film nights, where you can check out a flick for only a dollar! Short of playing a game of “Never have I ever”, you can’t get entertainment that cheap anywhere!

Click here for Studio Movie Grill showtimes and info.


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