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I Saw The Devil


Last night I watched an outstanding, however brutally violent, movie called I Saw The Devil. The movie is the story of a man hell bent on revenge after his pregnant fiancé is murdered by a savage serial killer.
The lead actors were brilliant, truly amazing. Byung-hun Lee is intense as Kim Soo-hyeon (the fearless fiancé of a murdered woman) showing a wide range of emotions from heartbreak to rage to despair. And kiddies, guard your nightmares from Min-sik Choi who chillingly portrays serial killer Kyung-chul.

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Imagine Taken and Saw strewn together with a little bit of Braveheart and you have I Saw The Devil. While it was disturbing and violent, it was not gratuitous; the violence was necessary to show what evil is, and that we do face it in this world. Kyung-chul cavalier slaughter of humans is terrifying to say the least; while Kim Soo-hyeon’s revenge is equally spine tingling as he reminds Kyung-chul that his “nightmare is only getting worse.”

Other notes, it has a fairly long running time of 141 minutes, and it’s in Korean with English subtitles.

While watching the movie I questioned what I would do if I were placed in a unimaginable situation. This, of course, had me thinking about other movies that bring up similar moral dilemmas. Following is a list of some of these movies. Did I miss your favorite?

-Prisoners (2013)
-Shallow Grave (1994)
-A Simple Plan (1998)
-Gone Baby Gone (2007)
-Payback (1999)
-The Punisher (2004)
-Kill Bill Vol. I and II (2003 & 2004)
-The Brave One (2007)
-Death Wish (1974)

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