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What would Thanksgiving be without '10 Fat Turkeys?'

'10 Fat Turkeys' by Tony Johnston and Rich Deas


The end of the last full week before Thanksgiving has passed and most schools will be closed next week for the Thanksgiving holiday. What are you to do with your children when they begin complaining that there is nothing to do or Grandma and Grandpa want to take the kids out for the afternoon? Have some fun in Sonoma, Sacramento, Lakeport, or your own home town.

A children's book perfect for Thanksgiving is '10 Fat Turkeys'

There are several local attractions throughout northern California that have petting zoos and other fun activities that are perfect for an afternoon spent with family. Call ahead to make sure each place of business is indeed open (some close for inclement weather). The kids might even get to see a real turkey up close!

And when you head home after your day of fun, share a fun book about 10 fat turkeys while drinking your hot chocolate.

Book Info

Title: 10 Fat Turkeys

Author: Tony Johnston

Illustrator: Rich Deas

Publisher: Cartwheel (Oct., 2004)

ISBN: 978-0439459488

Although this is a book of counting backwards from ten to 1, even older kids will enjoy reading about the antics of these ten fat turkeys on a fence. With the phrase, "Gobble Gobble Wibble Wobble," each turkey tries to do a death-defying stunt, only to fall to the ground. One foofy turkey wearing an aviator's cap tries to fly higher than the clouds, one goofy turkey dressed like the star of a roller derby team tries to skate on the fence, and one goony turkey wearing a boot on his head tries strutting until he can't see where he is going.

When the last turkey falls to the ground and the fence is destroyed one would think the turkeys had learned their lesson. But no, before you can say "Gobble Gobble Wibble Wobble" and do the noodle dance, the turkeys are sitting on the branches of tree acting just as silly and reckless as before.

These comical turkeys are colorful and outlandish in just the right way. The text is perfectly matched with the illustrations and both kids and adults will enjoy the rhyming text and silly phrases. 10 Fat Turkeys is one of those books that seems to fit right in with the Thanksgiving season and provide laughs for those special moments when families gather together.

10 Fat Turkeys by Tony Johnston and Rich Deas is available online from Amazon, Powell's, and Barnes and Noble. It can also be purchased at neighborhood independent bookstores.