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Where to stay in Key West on Memorial Day weekend or any weekend

A Key West Tradition
A Key West Tradition
Vicki Chavis

Key West


Memorial Day weekend, or better yet, Memorial Day Week (the last week in May) is officially the beginning of summer here in the US of A.

In Florida, Memorial Day weekend is more like a continuation of the beginning of the long, hot summer months ahead. More reason to celebrate and take a little time out to honor the men and women of our armed forces. You all rock!

What's so great about Key West

Whether you drive from Miami to Key West (what a beautiful, but long drive) or take the high-speed catamaran Key West Ferry or fly on Cape Air from Fort Myers to Key West, the trip there is just the beginning of your breathtaking island vacation.

Take a deep breath. Begin your journey to relaxation and notice the gorgeous color of the water as you get closer to the island. This, my friend, is a real island escape. Let your worries slip away, feel the wind in your hair and re-learn how to be playful again.

Where to stay on the island

Once you've arrived, you probably have an idea of where you're staying. I've stayed in so many different B&Bs, I can only say you won't go wrong if you google the place you'd like to stay and read the reviews first.

My initial experience in Key West was at the Southernmost Resorts - Hotel and B&B which was more than lovely and very expensive. I loved waking up to the sounds of the surf, having breakfast on the covered patio, lunch on the beach; this place is stunning, relaxing, has it all, but it isn't cheap.

Be prepared to pay for your luxuries here. It's worth it if you're on your honeymoon or a special anniversary.

Favorite B&Bs in Key West

A few of my other favorite B&Bs in Key West are tucked away in quiet corners or on busy streets. The Knowles House is intimate, tiny, hidden on a busy street with a staff who wants to make every step you take one you'll never forget. Not my favorite room or house, but the people here make your stay simply sweet!

The Chelsea House has a lovely staff, a fine swimming pool, lots of variety in room sizes and styles and makes its guests feel at home right away. A lovely B&B in every way; you'll love it here.

Marrero's is a fine elderly mansion with a spectacular history for its guests to enjoy. This one is smack-dab on the list of Key West Haunted Mansions and will be on the nightly haunted walking tour. You just might meet up with a ghost here, you never know.

My all-time favorite, The Eden House, is another historical B&B, having been a temporary home to Goldie Hawn, Kurt Russel and the rest of the movie crew from the film, Overboard, in 1987. A placque still rests on the outside wall of the hotel that says "Goldie Hawn stayed here." I stayed there too, but my placque is invisible!

If you're coming to Key West, I'm certain you'll find a place to stay that will leave you with a remarkable memory, one that you'll cherish. Whether you love it or hate it, will you do me a favor and let me know how you felt about your stay? I'd love to hear what your favorite B&B or hotel is and if you'd stay there again!


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