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I use StumbleUpon quite often as a way to discover new sites covering all sorts of categories. A few days ago I stumbled onto . This amazing site has what appears to be little square photos of musicians covering the website page or "wall" as it is referred to. When you hover over the image it gives you the name of the music artist but even better yet when you click on the image a pop-up window will appear with a YouTube player featuring all music videos by that artist.

If you really want to delve further into the site you can create a login or they offer the sign in with Facebook feature. After you are in this FREE site you can create playlists, listen to your friends playlists, invite friends and more.

We all listen to certain kinds of music depending on how we are feeling on a particular day; which is a function that thought about! When searching for artists there is an option to choose a type of Smiley face instead. When I choose the Angry Smiley face the first video played was Theory of a Deadman, which is quite accurate but then was followed up by Shakira as the second video in the playlist. Not so sure I would see that as the right choice but then again I am sure they are trying to improve the site's algorithm all the time. The other Smiley face options such as Happy, Sad, Party etc. seem to be a bit more accurate.

I would recommend this site for those of you looking to pass the time or simply wanting to view music videos that no longer have a home on MTV. Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.