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What's Happening in the beer World?



As always the beer world never stops. As the summer comes to a close, the fall beer is making its way to the forefront. There are also some festivals going on as well.

Tomorrow the Flying Saucer is having a glass night. This night will be highlighting not a brewery but rather a legend. This glass night will be celebrating the life and music of Elvis. So since you get to pick the pint you will have, pick something different. Instead of going for the old standby pick something that is new for you. There is something always new to try, so don't be afraid to try it.

The Tennessee State Fair Beer festival is coming up at the beginning of Septemeber. They are adding something new to this year's event and that is a distillery tasting as well. Now these are two different events on different days. Yes, you should go to both events and try everything. Why you ask? Well what could be better then telling you family and friends I'm going to two festivals in the same weekend. For more information on these events please visit

A lot of the fall beers have started to appear on shelves. Some of the beers that you may be seeing around town is Sam Adams Oktoberfest, Brooklyn Oktoberfest, and Jolly Pumpkin. I must admit that Sam Adams Oktoberfest is one of my most favorite brews. I look forward to it every year. Honestly, now that some new Michigan breweries like Founders and New Holland are on the scene here, I cannot wait to try the Oktoberfest brews they offer.

Now I would like to throw out an idea for people to think about. Recently I have been able to try some Arizona beers and feel that we here are very lucky with the brew crowd we have. I am not putting down all the Arizona beers just pointing out that on a whole we have a strong craft beer community. Please follow me on Twitter and Untappd @princessofhops.