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What is the most Relaxing scent to you?

Pink Zebra Relax Scent Sprinkles


The most relaxing scent to this examiner came in the form of the Relax scent of Pink Zebra Sprinkles that were tested recently.

With the scent reminiscent of baby powder mixed with a mild perfume /cologne. Mr. examiner said this was actually one of the better scents that has been tested in the home. In this house, that is saying a lot, since he is very sensitive to certain scents.

If you need a great way to relax from a chaotic week, or after an in-law visit, these sprinkles will do the trick , and bring you around back to center to realign your spirit.(Who could not use that every once and awhile though.)

In my final analysis of this scent of the Pink Zebra Sprinkles, I would say, that yes the scent is worth purchasing, and putting into your scent melting repertoire. You will really enjoy it.

You can contact your local Pink Zebra Representative in your area or you can contact Lori Zamorano-Good in OKC to place your order. You can find her site at : .

Let her know that Nannette Morrison sent you, or that you saw this review and it intrigued your interest in Pink Zebra products and you would like to learn more about what is offered through the company.