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What does Internet Radio, a Record Label, and Demon Boy have in common?

Demon Boy, Flying T Records, and artists
Demon Boy, Flying T Records, and artists
FlyingVRadio/Todd Page/Flying T Records

Demon Boy and FlyingVRadio,


What does Internet Radio, a Record Label, and Horror Rock all have in common? It seems that the masses have come together and stated how they feel about terrestrial radio vs. internet radio. For many of the fans, the reason they choose internet radio is they get to hear all types of music and there is no radio station manager telling the radio shows what to play. That means, many bands that play awesome music can be heard on these stations and there is none of the corporate BS that keeps good independent music from the masses. One internet radio station that is taking the world by storm is Not only do they have a radio station reaching millions of listeners, they also have a record label that supports the bands that are being streamed. That label is Flying T Records; Flying T Records is a new label that is a part of the HSR Music Group. The HSR Music Group is a conglomeration of over a dozen Record Labels and has been working within the music industry for over 50 years and they are very proud to have Flying T Records join their family.

Demon Boy
FlyingVRadio/Todd Page

With that said, this music entity knows what they are doing. Let us introduce to you Demon Boy who is newly signed to Flying T Records...A Horror Rock artist that is the combination of Alice Cooper and a horror comic book. It is this mixture that has birthed the one group that is here to break the mundane music scene with a larger than life on and off stage persona. For those who like Horror Rock, Demon Boy is your band. Imagine Alice Cooper, Rocky Horror Picture show and Type-O-Negative infused together. That is Demon Boy. Flying T Records new project with Demon Boy is going to be nothing less than huge. So let me let you in on the plan...

A new Demon Boy CD titled “Memories & Nightmares” is on the way. This album will include tracks from past Demon Boy albums and also some new tracks. Flying T feels that the music is so good that it must be put out worldwide for the fans. The album will be released later this summer so tune in to for more info. including the official release date on Flying T Records.

Now that you have met Demon Boy, and Flying T Records, you can see how the bands, label, and radio station are working together to bring you the music. Whether it is a live event, or an hour long show with a band as a host, it is what all music fans need to support. Supporting shows on internet radio is what will keep new music coming out, and bands playing live. So, again, be sure to tune into - check out Demon Boy here and check out Flying T Records here:

Thanks for reading and supporting music!

Written by Melissa Anderson with Todd Page. All photo's contributed by Todd Page/ T Records