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What do you get when you mix HG Wells & M. Night Shyamalan? Frenzy by Mark King

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Frenzy by Mark King


Sixty years into the future, the earth is a dystopian wasteland. Small populations of humanity thrive in villages ruled by the Overseers. As generations pass by, these survivors have been conditioned to believe the Overseers are their salvation. On their fortieth birthdays, a celebration takes place in their honor and happy goodbyes are given as members of the village are led to the achievement center for their 'just rewards'. Each morning, villagers gather and recite the 'seven procedures'. Humans live in ignorant bliss, until Daniel finds a tunnel in the thicket. Curious to see where it leads, Daniel soon discovers he has found the achievement center and witnesses these 'just rewards' for himself.

When the Overseers realize their secret has been discovered, they will stop at nothing to destroy Daniel and maintain their hold over humanity. Forced to leave his family behind, Daniel flees his village and enters into the desolate lands where he is found by Gwendolyn and Mary, the oldest living human and member of what was once called the resistance. The three must outrun the hunters sent to destroy them as they search for the golden shield, theorized as the only item strong enough to reflect the triclops lasers and destroy them.

Frenzy is a mix between The Village and War of the Worlds. While in no way related to the H.G. Wells classic, it feels as if it's telling the speculative story of what could have happened had the aliens not been afflicted with the common cold. The adventurous story gives readers an escape from reality with cannibalistic aliens set in a futuristic, yet primitive, landscape. Appropriate for younger readers and intriguing enough for adult minds, Frenzy appeals to the masses. This book is perfect for an afternoon read with its imaginative story line and just the right amount of tension to keep readers invested and unable to put it down.

Ending in such a way that begs for a sequel, Frenzy is a percolating work of fiction that has the potential to be successfully adapted into box office gold. Due to some minor editing issues and a slow start, frenzy receives 4 out of 5 stars from The Bookie Monster.