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What are my emotions saying to me?

There is freedom in oneness with your emotions.

The Language of Emotions by Karla McLaren


The Language of Emotions by Karla McLaren, is one of the greatest tools of navigating the never-ending rabbit hole known as human emotion. It's no controversy to say that many humans have struggled immensely in dealing with the array of thoughts, feelings, reactions, and emotions that course through the psyche at any give moment.

Why is it so difficult to deal with emotions?

This book takes the stand that humans have simply not been taught how to embrace emotions. They have not been taught how to use them as tools and sign posts, but instead they have been taught to deny, and attempt to change them into more desirable states such as happiness and joy. These efforts are futile, for one cannot be truly happy if they are pretending. Happiness and joy comes from a state of acceptance, of compassion within one self and others. It is a state of being totally present, in the now, and loving of what it is.

Now, simply telling yourself, "OK, I'm feeling (for example) depressed today. Now can I be happy?" does not make the depression go away. Depression tends to drain one's energy, and has them thinking in ways they normally would not. Instead, by admitting one's depression and asking it, "what message do you have for me?" one can finally break through the cycle, and come into harmony with the natural ebb and flow of their life. Going with the flowing, instead of swimming upstream against it, will in itself restore energy!

Depression is a beautiful and brilliant "stop sign," as Karla McLaren calls it. It gives humans a chance to stop, and to re-evaluate their lives. Often, people are depressed because they are not living the lives they have always dreamed of living. They have settled for what appears to be safe and secure.

When has safety and security become more important than happiness? Not that safety and security is not important, but what is the point to having it, if it cannot being thoroughly enjoyed? There is a sneaking suspicion arising amungst New-Thought leaders and those spiritually awakened folks especially, that humans have gotten it backwards.

What if humans decided to follow what makes them come alive, instead of what puts them in an early grave? What if it were more important to be happy, than to have security and safety? What if security and safety is found in a genuine, true state of happiness?

The journey to happiness begins with honoring, and meeting yourself exactly where you are in this very moment. Listen, and do not judge yourself. Every voice, every part of you is important. Every voice, every part of you has a story to tell.

What is your self trying to tell you today?

Note : (There are also more major forms of depression that do require medical treatment. McLaren stresses the importance of getting the help that is available! She also was one who was against Western Medicine, until she discovered the relief and benefits of being treated properly. )

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