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What are Eggies? Do you want them?

Eggies come in a nice package.
Eggies come in a nice package.
Edward Cardona


  • Eggies allow you to boil eggs easily and without the mess.

Eggies are a better way to take cooked eggs along on a trip.

  • See slideshow for a view of the components, which are: lid, collar, bottom half, and top half.

The instructions say you need to coat the inside of the Eggies with cooking oil or spray and to spray on paper-towel then evenly coat the inside of the top and bottom pieces. It works without an oil coating for those who do not want eat oil.

All you need to do is place the top half onto the bottom half, and secure collar around both pieces. Remove lid and crack an egg into the bottom half. Then screw lid on. Place your filled Eggies gently, into a saucepan filled with warm water and cover. Ensuring that they are floating. Bring water to a boil and follow cooking times he chart. In Albuquerque good results were achieved after ten minutes of boiling, five minutes of sitting without opening the saucepan cover.

When the Eggies are done, carefully remove them with a slotted ladle, and let then sit for 3-7 minutes. You could place them in the refrigerator for a few minutes to cool down faster.

Now you have a choice:

  • To eat immediately? When the Eggie are comfortably warm to touch, open the lids carefully. Unscrew the middle collar, remove the top half to expose the egg and you are ready to serve. A soft plastic spoon works wonders.
  • To release the egg, hold the bottom half upside-down, and gently squeeze. (If the egg is not releasing, use a utensil to loosen the egg around the edges).
  • Eggies travel well and keep longer than hard boiled eggs that are still in the shell. There is no evaporation to shrink the egg.

Here is a couple of ideas:

  • Try adding your favorite seasonings before boiling.
  • Try shaking the egg once inside. Delicious!
  • Let me know if you have any more ideas.
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