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What A Wedding Day For Kim K and Kanye West

kim k and kanye west wedding day


Kanye West who since 2011 is today The 2014 Top Forbes Cash Kings is among the top selling artists ever, and with a grand sum of 21 Grammy Awards. Kanye is among the most over rated, over paid, very loud, hard to listen to artists of all time. And that put him on Kim Kardashian radar, to lock in the man. she wisely gave him a child last year.

Kim K and Kanye West Wedding Day

Kim says she is deeply in love with Kanye West and Kanye West's net Worth of $120 Million Dollars.So with that Kim Kardashian wants to be his wife, Mrs. Kanye West ,and she will marry her baby daddy in Florence, Italy, on May 24, according to sources.

And we all know her sis Khloe is never wrong, including all the rumors that the love birds are getting marrying in Paris. Theres a rehersal dinner in Paris the night before the wedding, but will actually fly their guests to Italy for the ceremony.

But to blow more smoke, Bruce Jenner and the rest of the Kardashian girls hosted a bridal shower for Kim for the girl who almost has everything later on Saturday, for Kim at the Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The initial version of the Wedding day is that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's wedding to go down at the Belvedere Fort in Florence, Italy. But despite all the "I do" location speculation, E! News is now hearing that the wedding will take place in Versailles. With only their closest friends and family are invited" to keep the guest list to right around 100 people.

Being very selective and cut it off at no work friends no matter how close or cherished. With Kim's sisters will be included in the small and intimate wedding as bridesmaids.

All the while aware Kim Kardashian's wedding to Kanye West is creeping closer and closer, but no worries because it looks like they're all-clear. Regarding the one legal matter that until this month, stood in their way, their prenup!

Especially with fresh new money coming in, for Kanye. With his old management and signing on to Roc Nation, aka Jay Zs company. Who's new team was a bit late to the party and have been slowing down the proceedings by not being in the know about all the money things with Yeezus.

However, the team has finally sorted out their issues and the prenup is set to be signed this week! And thats a good thing cause their wedding is, reportedly, in 9 days, hey there's nothing like waiting till the last minute you two.

Kims holding up her end, making that money's made up by selling their wedding pics to the highest bidding mag. Between the dinner, and then flypng all their guests to Italy on private planes, that's gonna bust their bank account!

Good Luck and Much Love Kim and Kanye, for your Wedding in Florence, Italy, on May 24! “Buona fortuna” La coppia felice!

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