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Yard House


In a football crazed town called San Diego; nothing pairs with that energy like a tall cold glass of good crafty brewed beer and delicious American cuisine. Over the years, the list for great San Diego brewers has grown so extensively long and is bursting at the seams with zealous brew masters whose passion and enthusiasm are absolutely intoxicating and simply unforgettable.

Without a doubt, the Yard House, located in the heart of the dynamic Gaslamp District in downtown San Diego, has taken the craft, the taste, and the experience to a whole new level. Although, brewing is a craft many have not mastered and some new beer flavors one simply wants to forget ever tasting, the Yard House has mastered not only the brew, but the food and the atmosphere as well.

With great accommodations for a private and average size gathering to the Keg Room which entertains parties of up to 150 beer lovers simply put, the Yard House has it all. With more than 130 varieties of draft beer on tap and over 150 extensive award-winning menu of American fusion cuisine one is sure to find the perfect taste to suit their palette.

The energetic setting is emphasized by the classic rock music, a colorful array of abstract artwork, and flat screens in all directions showcasing the news and major sporting event. Yard House is the perfect place to celebrate a special occasion or gather for some great brew and chow with the buds.