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Westminster's Ngu Binh Vietnamese Restaurant: fresh after 50 date night fare

Ngu Binh Vietnamese Restaurant Westminster CA


Couples over 40 and those dating after 50 years old can all too easily fall into dating ruts. When what you desire is a lasting love relationship at midlife, you do need to dedicate time, energy, and resources for regularly finding fresh date night ideas and venues.

Look no further than just around the corner to "Little Saigon" right in SoCal's Orange County: Westminster, CA. Westminster features a plethora of fresh Vietnamese cuisine, and not just the chain "Pho Noodle" venues. Among their best is Ngu Binh on Magnolia at Westminster Blvd.

My midlife date, a man over 50+ years old, commented to me about how delightful it was that I was game for trying new cuisine, and not just the already trusted stand by options. "My brother would never eat here."

What a shame that more midlife couples and not just the 20 and 30 somethings venture into Vietnamese restaurants. Because of the multi-ethnic food courts featured all around the UC system, many of today's 20 and 30 somethings have tasted quiet a variety of countries' different food fare. However, some forties and fifties folks only taste the food of the countries they already know. They are surely missing out.

The Mi Quang Dac Biet we shared was delicious and plentiful, featuring a full range of delectable tastes: egg noodles, pork, shrimp, fish cake, mint leaves, bean sprouts, and peanuts in a yummy broth. The food was so plentiful, we took easily a third of it home to nosh on later in the day. Love it and would definitely order this classic dish featuring noodles and greens again.

We selected to taste the Banh It Kep Banh Ram glutinous rice cakes with shrimp and pork based on the photo in the restaurant menu. (The take out menu does not feature photos, so you'll want to know more about what you in advance to use that option.) They were, indeed, glutinous. What looked like an intriguing sauce offering flavor on top of the cakes, instead turned out to be merely another dollop of the glutinous rice. It came with a light vinegar based dipping sauce.

While yummy, it gave me a glucose hangover the next morning, making me a little groggy. If you do Atkins or The South Beach Diet, you know what I'm talking about. If you have braces or any kind of dental work, the glutinous texture has a tendency to stick to your teeth and orthodontia. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, just we won't be ordering it again.

Ngu Binh closes at 8PM, so if you want to eat dinner here, definitely plan on date night being an early dinner option. It likely gets much busier at lunchtime with the venue location.

A note, while the service is very friendly, sweet, and courteous, once our waiter was on his meal break, he never came back to our table. We had to go up to the front to get to-go containers and the bill. This was fine, but these slight cultural differences might leave Westerners surprised if they didn't already know.

Ngu Binh Vietnamese Restaurant is a cash-only venue and doesn't take any credit or debit cards. The prices are so reasonable, it's easy to comply. Just, now you know in advance.

Ngu Binh Vietnamese Restaurant
14092 Magnolia Street #116
Westminster, CA 92683
(714) 903-6000

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