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'Werewolf: The Beast Among Us'

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Abandoned skyscrapers and a man who grows as a wolf overnight make a nice analogy.


Like no other beast, once unleashed the werewolf creates after it's own kind like no other ~ That and the fact that plastic appears at a time during which before no medieval plastic yet invented, other plastic artifactors, just so that you know your dealing with no ordinary werewolf. A carcus here. A carcus there. Everyone's a carcus. "I've decided I'm going to join the hunt, kill the beast." A young boy doth challenge the rogue who fell off of the cliff of Dover, really over a keg of beer, lost an eye, and after one unsavory female stab artist, a scare so out of context ~ While a story some precious, serious characters feign abound, much too much lopsided romanticism, and even as a few of Shakespearean artisans may had felt at times. Trying to tip the monster beast within romantic, and the film seems a lot broad on the face of it here.

It is strange to awaken from a rustic adobe, as eyes red and the pit of that hell for them, the evil felled themselves of. Spin, your arms flailing down that pit you spun. As a drunk that pit you spun. As a drunk, intoxication as lusty sex, destroys you ~ Something ugly you thought beautiful. Something plain of real beauty, you thought at first to just glaze by. And she, a writer of horror, her father pen no mystery your very lifetime to ever unravel.

Wolves who once represented an American terror had once reigned as a few million strong within the forests of this America alone ~ Now nearly extinct, the exodus of a premium factor after the disappearance of humans would multiply as fast as the obvious. The rapid population of feeder deer. These miles of paved road, represent an interruption ~ Of the path of someone. Fifty-years after people, even as the History Channel covered this endemic, the strain of even the best deserved of human stoutness, does one even know if a werewolf feels compassion. The present condition of a human being does not seem to. Under the present conditions of cellular acetate, and all of such topics such as those of similar subject presented regularly on the Coast To Coast radio show, and as well as according to the prior documentary of a world void of the human race. Human protection may go on for two to three-hundred years. But just as werewolves as people multiply upon such a new earth, soon around them also the support which upholds the archways of a material structure around a new forming evolving society would soon find an eventful collapse also.


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