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WellGo USA brings out ‘The Truth About Emanuel’

The Truth About Emanuel


There are movies that come along that on the surface don’t have all that much appeal within the advertising. A lot of the times it’s because the story is so complicated or out there that there is no way to preview it without giving up important elements. The latest The Truth About Emanuel is one of those films and sports a decent cast with Jessica Biel and Alfred Molina, but does it have the interesting elements to make this film stand out or will the truth not be worth revealing?

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WellGo USA

The Truth About Emanuel follows a troubled young woman, becomes preoccupied with her mysterious new neighbor, who bears a striking resemblance to her dead mother. When an unexpected discovery results in a shared secret between the two, their relationship intensifies, and Emanuel's already-fragile world begins to spin out of control. The opening narration to this film immediately sets the tone to the issues the lead character has without dragging things out. Sadly it then slows to a crawl for a bit as it sets up the bigger picture. Once the big reveal of what the real story is things get a bit strange. There is no way to explain in this in this review or the trailer as it has to be seen to deliver the full effect. It isn’t anything scary, but very bizarre and as it unfolds becomes clear and a bit sad. The concept is a bit out there and as it moves forward just seems pretty farfetched as a whole, until the ending where it brings out the deep pain in numerous characters that have led them all to this situation. Most of the cast do a fine job, but it is Jessica Biel who really steps it up. She gives a subtle performance that slowly decends into the bizarre as everything is revealed.

As a whole this is an interesting and original film that will most likely have audiences split. It is a bit slow at times, but the overall bizarre nature of it all makes it intriguing enough to work. This is one of those films that you will have to just check out for yourself and make your own opinion as this one is pretty far out there and no two people will feel the same.

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