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‘Welcome to Sweetie Pies’ recap: ‘Houston’s calling’ Los Angeles or bust

Welcome back Sweetie Pies
Welcome back Sweetie Pies

Welcome to Sweetie Pies


Welcome back to ‘Welcome to Sweetie Pies’ for another mouth-watering, drama packed season of the family-run restaurant reality series. Miss Robbie Montgomery, the owner and a former Ikette, is placed in the position of playing referee. Sister Jan and niece Michelle are constantly quibbling and quarreling over everything instead of coming together and manage the Florissant restaurant location. Enough gets to be enough when Miss Robbie goes to settle the bickering once and for all. Michelle wisely decides to take her bickering elsewhere and quits.

Charles accompanies Tim to deep in the heart of Texas, well actually Houston, to scope out a new spot for the popular soul-food ‘Sweetie Pies’ franchise. For some reason, Charles felt the need to buy and don a ten-gallon Stetson to swallow his small head. But hey, it’s Charles and flair is his middle name.

In between all this soft sell Tim is pushing regarding his need to relocate and open another restaurant in Houston, everyone is pointing out how much he is needed in his son TJ’s life in St. Louis. Tim knows this, but insists he is thinking of the child’s future. It is true financial stability is important, but will he pick up the other valid points everyone is putting down?

The Montgomery siblings are faced with a family crisis when they find out their brother George, who is mentally challenged, has clogged arteries and will need open heart surgery.

Tim really does find a sweet turnkey location in Houston and returns to St. Louis to inform his mother about his findings. Alas, Miss Robbie aint’ hearing it. She would rather see a ‘Sweetie Pies’ in Los Angeles, a placing lacking in grease (her words). Besides, she is still smarting over the fact Tim went behind her back to do this in the first place. There is one bright spot for her though. She gets a St. Louis Walk of Fame diamond encrusted pavement in her honor.

Last stop for Tim is Janae’s house. TJ is not feeling the gifts his daddy brought him nor is Janae feeling the idea of uprooting and moving to Houston so that TJ can be near his dad. The two of them are no longer a couple, she knows no one else in Houston and Tim’s family has been great support system for her and little TJ. St. Louis is home for Janae.

While visiting his son, the consequences of separating from TJ start to sink in with Tim. Maybe he has picked up at least a little of what everyone else is putting down.

Watch ‘Sweet Pies’ on Saturdays at 9:00 PM on OWN.