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‘Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s’ recap: ‘What happens in Houston’ is told in St. Louis

What happens in Houston
What happens in Houston

Welcome to Sweetie Pie's


Miss Robbie prepares to travel to Houston along with Tim and Mr. Bussey. The first locale they visit, she quickly refers to it as a dump even though they’ve taken on sites which needed renovating before. Nevertheless, this is a dump that is too far away for her to keep an eye on the renovation progress.

She is highly impressed, however, with the turnkey especially the restaurant’s dream kitchen. Happy with the possible Houston site for another ‘Sweetie Pie’s’ but in no rush to sign on the dotted line, she decides to have a little fun with Tim as his expense. Literally. Miss Robbie insists he takes her shopping on his dime.

Inspired by her son TJ, Janae gets the ball rolling as far as researching the “how to and costs” of starting a business. She wants to open a children’s clothing line catering to premature babies especially. Start-up costs have a discourage ring to it but she is still determined.

Charles receives the bill from his recent photo shoot for a whopping five hundred plus dollars. That’s money he does not have. So he goes back to the place (the Upper Crust) where he was fired from and starts working. This is something his mother allowed him to do as a try-out, but what will Miss Robbie say when she gets back home? Let’s hope Charles didn’t put in all that hard work (and he did work hard) for nothing.

Miss Robbie is having a ball in the lone star state. She’s shopped ‘til she nearly dropped, lowering the balance on Tim’s credit cards and getting ‘er done with a little Texas line dancing. Now Tim wants to know if all of his appeasing paid off. After all, there are other parties interested in the restaurant location sites as well. Miss Robbie confesses she does like and is leaning towards Houston and the turnkey, but still wants to sleep on it.

Tune in next to see if Miss Robbie’s hesitation turned the matter into a “snooze you lose” situation.

Watch ‘Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s’ on Saturdays at 9:00 PM on OWN.

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