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‘Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s’ Recap: ‘The Perfect Storm’ turbulent forecast ahead

Perfect Storm
Perfect Storm

Welcome to Sweetie Pie's


The family experiences another health scare crisis when T.J., who is battling a bad cough, is hospitalized for a bout of pneumonia. Fortunately, the little tike is soon released to go home but before he does, emotions fly.
Both parents spend the first night with their son, but Jenae is disappointed the next morning when Tim wakes up and announces he needs to go to open up the restaurant and get to work. Later, Jenae’s mom drops by the hospital room and devotes much of her conversation towards Tim. All of this stresses Jenae out even more.
Tim gets in contact with Jay the realtor in Houston. He’s ready to pull the trigger on the turnkey he’s found without Mr. Bussey’s or Miss Robbie’s knowledge. Hooray for Charles. He got the part he auditioned for in last week’s episode. He and Monique fume over what is sure to turn into “Danielle-gate.” Feeling threatened, neither one of them just can’t seem to understand why Tim would hire an outsider for the position of assistant. And no one can understand why Tim would do such a thing without getting their approval or at least mentioning it first.

Monique bounces over to the Mangrove to retrieve some keys, only there is a slight problem. Danielle is the key keeper. She doesn’t know who Monique is and feels she can’t just hand out keys all willy-nilly. Upset and feeling disrespected, Monique calls Auntie Robbie (Tee-tee) to complain. Miss Robbie has her on speaker with Jenae sitting in the office. So now Jenae is upset. No one is going to disrespect her friend like that and who is this assistant? What?

Anyway, Jenae storms out of Miss Robbie’s office and takes her wrath over to the Mangrove and more or less has a long overdue breakdown. Tim, Monique and Jenae are in the hallway outside the office where Danielle is presumably sitting arguing loudly. Jenae arrived before Monique even had a chance to tell Tim what happened. Not that it would matter. He probably would have said the girl was just doing her job. Tim won’t let Jenae to “talk” to Danielle. Jenae sees this as him choosing the new assistant over her. Monique would probably feel that way too if Tim were to say Danielle was just doing her job by not handing over the keys. The whole thing is a hot steamy finger pointing mess.

Jenae goes back to Miss Robbie crying and leaves her engagement ring with her almost mother-in-law to give back to Tim. Some time later, and after Jenae is gone, Tim shows up. Miss Robbie tells him what happened and says she is not giving the ring back. She will hold on to it. Hope floats, but Tim seems done.
Mr. Bussey comes in during the midst of Tim and Miss Robbie’s mother and son session. He comes bearing good tidings. There is expressed interest and an excellent opportunity for them to open a Sweetie Pie’s in Memphis on the famous Beale Street. The other good news is that the West Florissant location is pretty much ready, set and go.
Miss Robbie is ecstatic. Tim, looking downcast, takes a deep breath and delivers his bad news. He’s dropped a deposit on a location in Houston. Mama is downright angry. There he goes again doing stuff without running it by her first. Tim walks out of the office (and this season’s finale) needing a break from the family.
Do you think Monique overreacted and Danielle may have just been doing her job or do you think Monique was being disrespected by the assistant?
Do you think Jenae overacted and a perky young female assistant was the catalyst which pushed her over the emotional edge or do you think Jenae’s feelings were also justified and Tim is a jerk for not including her in matters of the family business?