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‘Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s’ Recap: ‘Somethings a-brewin’ and a-stewin’

Somethings Brewing
Somethings Brewing
Photo by John Sciulli

Welcome to Sweetie Pies


Things are bustling as usual at Sweetie Pies especially since Tim has brought his very mellow cousin Michelle back to the fold at Mangrove. He charges her with showing Monique the ropes from the ground floor up.

Jenae, Tim and T.J. take swimming lessons. Well, at least they go to the place that gives swimming lessons. Tim does not swim and is not trying to swim and poor little T.J. is not ready for it either. This leaves Jenae as the only eager beaver.

Later, Janae and T.J. hang out at Monique’s for dinner where Monique brings up Janae and Tim’s relationship. Where do they stand? Why is she still wearing the engagement ring after the two have been on a break for over a year now? Those are excellent questions.

Charles goes out for an audition. He’s nervous and hopes for a call-back. He has a sneaky feeling that call won’t come, so he holds on to his dream of moving to Houston. Monique pops on over to the Mangrove for her training. Michelle quickly tells in her cousin that this is her house and she lives there. Make no mistake Monique. Michelle also advises against smiling and socializing with the help, it only encourages them and gives them the green light to take advantage of a person. Wouldn’t you like to take peek at Michelle’s Management Manual?

Tim hires an assistant, Danielle, and it’s got everyone wondering has he made the big time or does he have something up his sleeve. Danielle calls Miss Robbie to inform her of an upcoming interview she has with a television show. Miss Robbie is excited. Not about the interview, but the fact that Tim has hired an assistant and we’re not talking excitement in a good way either. Miss Robbie asks to speak with Tim and fillets him over the phone. Who is going to pay for her salary? Does Janea know about this? Janea?

Tim introduces Danielle to family and staff at the Upper Crust and immediately Charles feels threatened. He pulls Tim aside and wants to know if this new assistant will be replacing him, is she going to Houston. Tim answers with, “possibly” and reminds Charles of his past failures in responsibilities. Bummer! Charles gives it the old family-comes-first try. Sometimes that works and sometimes that doesn’t especially when it comes to business.

Miss Robbie meets Danielle at the TV show. She’s not impressed but is suspicious, noting the girl is cute and her skirt is short or fitting or something. Anyway, it bothers her and she knows this whole Danielle thing is going to bother Janae too. Meow!

Tim gets ambushed at the barbershop with questions regarding his relationship with Janae. They practically circle him as if he was a carcass. Where do they stand? This is still a good question. There is one thing Tim and Janae have in common in this area. They both give gray answers to black and white questions. It’s complication.

Eventually, Tim breaks down and seeks advice from the last person he’d rather get advice from on the matter – his mom. Miss Robbie uses mother wit and asks questions that no one else has, like, “will you be ready to see Janae and your son with someone else? She even points out that she believes Janae is holding on to hope but he is moving on. Mother wit. Miss Robbie gave her two cents and only two cents worth because he did come to her. But like any wise mom, she limited her answers choosing to leave it up to the grown children to figure it out.

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