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‘Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s’ recap: ‘Negotiating the dream’ finalizing the reality

Negotiating Dreams
Negotiating Dreams

'Welcome to Sweetie Pie's'


Air date 3/29/14

Tim slips off to Houston…again and asks Charles to cover for him.

Monique’s stress levels are challenged as she is faced with having a teenaged daughter and all that comes with this joyful stage in life. Boys texting Nya. Nya texting boys. You know the teenage years. The wonder years. The years of attitude and rebellion. The time when parents must choose life or death. Do you strive for patience or do you commit homicide? How many of you have ever heard, “I brought you in this world and I’ll take you out…?”

Miss Robbie spots a house in her neighborhood, across the street to be exact, that would be perfect for her sister Linda to move into, but is the price too steep? Down in Houston, Tim is looking to move also and is scouting around for apartments.

Monique eventually goes to her aunt Robbie for advice and Miss Robbie is more than willing to give young Nya her brand of coarse crash course “birds and the bees” talk. Fortunately for Nya, at least for now anyway, she is spared from Auntie Robbie’s version.

There is a church convention going on in town and Miss Robbie is overwhelmed at work. Why? Church conventions mean busloads of extra mouths to feed. Sure, this means business is extra good but it also means everybody is extra busy. In the meantime, she wants to know the whereabouts of her MIA son Tim. Can Charles keep a secret? No! Of course not. He falls under the minimal pressure of sharp glares and cutting words. Miss Robbie is none too pleased with Tim’s Texas two-stepping behind her back.

Monique reluctantly goes home to have “the talk” with Nya who has not heard the term “birds and the bees” before. Has the world gotten away from cute sayings and gone full steam ahead into straight talk? Ancient minds want to know. Nya is not interested and appears to be half-listening, saving both her and her mother some embarrassment.

Tim is back in St. Louis. He and Mr. Bussey wait for Miss Robbie to join them for dinner at a local restaurant where they hope to sweet talk her into checking out Houston. She reluctantly agrees but not before giving them a chunk of her mind as an appetizer. Tune in next to week to see if Houston, Texas is ready for Miss Robbie.

‘Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s’ airs on Saturdays on 9:00 on OWN.

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