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‘Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s’ recap: ‘Houston, We Have a Problem’ no lift-off

houston we have a problem
houston we have a problem

Welcome to Sweetie Pies


Miss Robbie and Tim have made it back to St. Louis. However, Miss Robbie comes home to a full plate facing her. There is still family caregiver’s issue with brother George, a back peddling landlord of the West Florissant location and now the editor is calling for the cookbook manuscript. Said manuscript somehow got put on the backburner since its three months past submission due date.

Charles’ mom Janice has a heart-to-heart talk with him…again. You know the talk. Shape up or ship out. Janice tells him, given his usual M.O., that she doesn’t believe he wants to move to Houston for a fresh start, but wants to run away from responsibilities. By “responsibilities,” she may have meant the watchful eyes of the family members in St. Louis who keep him in check. Hmm, ponder on that Charles.

Miss Robbie has a secret recipe for sweet tea and it’s a major hit with the customers. Naturally, Tim wants to bottle this Sweetie Pie’s sweet tea and put it on the market. A mamma knows her child even if she doesn’t know exactly what he or she might be up to. She keeps the tea leaves and recipe under lock and key. A good thing too because Miss Robbie catches Tim sniffing out the location.

Something else gets caught, or rather someone else. Charles. Miss Robbie spots Charles working at the bar and informs him of her knowledge of his current job status. Of course, she knows. His mom may have hired him, but she works for her sister. Now, if he messes up this time he’s faced with the threat of not only being fired, but Janice will go right along with him. Geez! What a fine kettle of fish to be in.

Tim is on the phone with the realtor back in Houston and he is not hearing good news. He told his mama and Mr. Bussey this would happen. He told them. Earlier, Tim reminded Miss Robbie and Mr. Bussey that another interested party made an offer for the turnkey. But noooo, the two of them reminded Tim that this is usual real estate practice (or scare tactics) to push a prospect into rushing to sign on lease. And sometimes this is the case. Not this time. Someone not only signed a letter of intent but went ahead and signed a lease!

Oh, grits and gravy is about to hit the fan because Tim is fit to be hog-tied. He calls up an “emergency” meeting with Miss Robbie and Mr. Bussey who are relatively calm about the whole outcome. After serving Tim an invitation to whip her you-know-what since he’s so angry, Miss Robbie tells her son to calm down. After all, if it was meant to be, it would be. Something better is liable to come along. Word to your mother. No, its words of wisdom from your mother.

Tune in next week to see if Tim got his entrepreneurial hands on those tea leaves which will surely make Miss Robbie’s blood boil.

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