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‘Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s’ recap: ‘Can’t We All Just Get Along’ maybe

Getting along
Getting along

Welcome to Sweetie Pies


Miss Robbie, the soul food slinging soul sister from St. Louis, is stressed out and screaming bloody murder if her employees don’t shape up. She needs some extra help, but Tim is back in Houston searching for another Sweetie Pie’s location. As for other family members, Charles shares some sound advice with Monique who has visions of managing the Mangrove in her eyes where pupils used to be.

As soon as Tim arrives back in St. Louis, he has a meeting (behind his mom’s back, of course) regarding marketing a Sweetie Pie’s brand of sweet tea. The start-up cost for this venture runs between $50-$60 thousand dollars. This is too much money for a piggy bank to hold but enough cash to cause Miss Robbie to remind her son of the days of the almighty spanking.

The staff members at the Upper Crust are not getting along well with each other and are not pulling their weight, which forces Miss Robbie to pull double-duty. In other words, she is spending far too much time helping in the kitchen than she should. So Tim brings some of his staff from Mangrove to assist in the berating and belittling in hopes of whipping Upper Crust staff into shape and bond with each other.

Ike, who finds a teaspoon out of place, demands to know if a worker is using it to sneak and eat. Tim’s friend, J.R., has donned on an apron and joined Tim’s band of staff shapers even though he was never officially hired. Miss Robbie thinks she needs to the intrusion like a fish needs an umbrella. She changes her mind though when Tim explains the motive behind his madness and adds that her staff is now working together like a team. It’s us (Mangrove) against them (Upper Crust).

Monique confides in Janea her desire to manage the Mangrove and Janea basically gives her the same speech as did Charles. Monique finally goes to Tim with her idea and what does he think about it? He thinks this is a ploy masterminded by Jenae to use Monique as a spy. Why can’t anyone believe the girl has ambitions of moving up in the family business once Tim relocates to the Lone Star state? However, Tim does agree to give Monique a try using baby steps.

Tim and Sterling Moody, the president of a consulting group, meet with Mr. Bussey about bottling the tea. Mr. Bussey actually likes the idea. When asked if he’s run this by Miss Robbie yet, Tim says no and was hoping Mr. Bussey would do it. It becomes a laughable moment at this point.

One more “finally” occurs when Tim approaches Miss Robbie with his global plans for her sweet tea. As usual, Miss Robbie tears into him for going behind her back before discussing it with her first. She does eventually warm up to the idea, but if it ends up a no-go, he must treat her to a two-week vacation to go do whatever it is old people do. Brainstorming Tim also has another suggestion up his sleeve for encouraging team spirit among the co-workers. He wants to organize a team sport competition, namely kickball.

Janea takes TJ over to see his dad, Tim. The two of them talk. When Tim tells Janae about losing the turnkey in Houston, she asks if he thinks this is a sign for him not to move to Houston. You can tell Tim is holding on to his tongue and his mule on this one. No! In fact, he goes on to inform her he’s found another turnkey to rent and it is better than the one they lost. He has not said anything to Mr. Bussey or Miss Robbie about it and plans to rent the place using money out of his own pocket. Didn’t Miss Robbie just chastise him for going behind her back?

Janae and TJ visit Monique. Of course, Monique dishes the details to Janae on her conversation with Tim including the part about Tim’s “spygate” suspicion. Janae is slightly upset and Monique regrets mentioning it.

The tea samples are in from the chemist, but Tim does a little cheating in giving his mom the tea test taste. The glass should contain her recipe and the bottle should contain the sample. Should. She tastes and likes both. Both are actually the sample tea because he never poured her recipe into the glass. So again, Miss Robbie concedes Tim may actually have another good idea on his hands.

Its game time and the Upper Crust and Mangrove teams are “kicking” it out on the field. There is a lot of trash talking and hardly any rules, but everyone is having a blast and Mr. Bussey called the game a tie. Everybody wins.

Tune in next week, when the true nature of Tim and Janae’s relationship comes into play. Is it really over between these two?

Watch ‘Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s’ on Saturdays at 9:00 PM on OWN.

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