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'Welcome to Ralton, #2' comicbook review

Welcome to Ralton Issue 2


‘Welcome to Ralton, #2’ comicbook review
By Daniel J. Pool

This is amazing! It wraps all the feels into one picture.
'Welcome to Ralton, #2' Cover
Teary Eyed Send Off
Don Rosencrans, Cole Johnson, Literati Press

‘Welcome to Ralton, #1’ was a fun yet somewhat unrefined first step for this science fantasy saga. Issue #2 makes a bold addition to the first. Introducing a rounded out character base, setting the background plot, and lacing some of Chekhov’s armoury into the background just in case.

The first big change to noticed right off was the cover has a gorgeous full page color scene with all the characters framed by the mountain hideout. It is really a great piece that shows how great Don Rosencrans’ and Cole Johnson’s vision and skill are. Plus from looking ahead, it looks like they just keep getting better.

Something that really isn’t good or bad is that this issue feels like it is building up things that will get used later. It helps explain how Reno, our hero, got his powers and why the devils (we made a new friend at the ‘man cave’) are interested in helping him. So, in a way it is like the second ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ in that it brought in many new features but it is preparing the audience for later action.

This could be great if the story becomes extra exciting in coming issues and wouldn't have been able to fill in background. This could go poorly however if later issues don't make use of the time. So it is sort of a gamble in the storyline at this point.

The great part about this issue are all the connections with the characters, family, and devils that we get. We are introduced to Wily, the boy genius devil, and our super strong devil from issue #1 is named Magnus. They go to meet Reno’s wife, and daughter, Janice, for dinner. For added fun Wily and Janice seem to hit it off and he gives her a fairy (which sounds like fabled creature slavery but maybe that will become more important soon) and the devils fly off.

In this issue we also learn more about the villains, Carver (who gets out of prison) and his bulletproof friend the balding supertramp. They go shake down someone who put Carver in jail and we learn that they are apparently badass.

Overall this edition was pretty great, heartwarming, and charming. It didn't progress the story so much as get us up to speed but it did that well. To echo the thoughts of Katrina Roets (Geek-O-Rama), it does continue to have some rough forms from an artistic standpoint. However, it is reminisce of Pokemon or the Simpsons in how as the series continued they became more solid. The difference just from Issue 1 to Issue 2 is immense. One can only believe that the art will continue to solidify as the story does.

I give ‘Welcome to Ralton, #2’ four out of five dancing hamsters as I think it has made great strides with issue two, it still has some rough edges, however the story and characters continue to tug at my heart strings even days after I read it. I think this series will continue to get better and better with time.

UPDATE: In an email, Don told me that issue four is in stores now!

Check out ‘Welcome to Ralton’s Facebook, other reviews, in the news, their website, and go to New World Comics and Literati Press to pick up your copy today!

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