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'We Are What We Are (2013)' Movie Review: Please stay for dinner

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'We Are What We Are (2013)'


The Parkers are a very close knit family. Frank Parker (Bill Sage) and his wife Emma (Kassie Wesley DePaiva) and their children Iris, Rose, and Rory (Ambyr Childers, Julia Garner, and Jack Gore) live a rather secluded life outside of town. Emma has to run into town before the big rains come and she gets some supplies. Unfortunately, she is not herself this day and stumbles and hits her head and falls into a drainage ditch. She is unconscious as the ditch fills with water and she drowns.

The family is beside themselves with grief. Doc Barrow (Michael Parks) needs someone to view the body to make an identification. Iris the oldest daughter is the one to identify her mother. Her father is so distraught he can't come to town. Marge (Kelly McGillis) the next door neighbor comes over to console Frank.

The girls Iris and Rose are back home to take care of their dad. They are not able to have supper as it goes against their tradition for this night. They still sit at the kitchen table to have some juice. A knock on the door and it's Deputy Anders (Wyatt Russell) he has come by because of a missing girl and he also wants to say hello to Iris. He has a thing for her.

You start to notice in the movie that this family has a secret but you can't just put your finger on it. The rains take place for quite some time and in the process some bones have become unearthed as well as trees being uprooted and roads closed due to the heavy floods.

Now old Doc Barrow does his autopsy and becomes aware of a disease that only occurs in an area around New Guinea. It causes a twitch of the hand and there are other signs that have surfaced on Frank. His wife Emma had been showing the signs before she died.

Now this is a proud family that has kept certain traditions alive since the days of the American Revolution. It has kept them going for over two hundred years. It is a secret that only you will find out if you finish watching the movie. The DVD picture is presented in widescreen 2.35:1 color (Anamorphic) and is very well done. The audio is in English dolby digital 5.1 and is also a credit to the dialog. The package also includes extra's: An Acquired Taste: The Making Of We Are What We Are, interviews with Jim Mickle, Bill Sage and Julia Garner, and Commentary With Cast & Crew.

Director Jim Mickle brings us a great horror flick that does keep you interested for the whole movie. For me that says a lot. I'm usually not a fan of horror but this one leaves you wanting to come back for seconds. The meals the Parkers make are out of this world. So don't be late for supper and make sure you dress appropriately. Tie is recommended but you don't have to wear a jacket. Enjoy your meal. Enjoy the movie the sounds and and moods make this a great dark horror film.