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Waydown Wailers impressive jam debut with State of the Union

State of the Union by Waydown Wailers


Once I saw the term “Outlaw Jam Rock” I had to take a closer look and listen and I would advise that you do as well; the band is Waydown Wailers from northern New York state (Canton) and these guys can jam with anyone. Brothers Dave and Christian Parker man the guitars along with bassist Connor Pelkey and drummer Michael ‘Scruffy’ Scriminger to create their own unique brand of sound that you are used to finding maybe somewhere along the swamps of the deep south. The album has help from Professor Louie and Miss Marie to sprinkle in those keys and backing vox exquisitely.

Waydown Wailers
Waydown Wailers
Unknown, various sources, Wendy
State of the Union album cover for Waydown Wailers

The first track “No Mercy” hits you with some grungy guitar and slide work with some keys in the background before the band kicks in immediately bringing to mind some of those old epic Lynard Skynard jams. The vocals of Dave Parker fit perfectly. You get hints of Skynard, The Allmans, The Dead, and a Phish fan would dig the hell out of this music.

“State of the Union” is a song asking about all the wrongs of our government, or at least that is how it hit me, in the bands own style so it has a fairly uptempo rhythm to it with a down-home feel. None of the screaming that dominates the airwaves here, but a guy hanging around a bonfire having a beer and saying what the hell is going on? Very cool stuff and smoke ‘em if you got ‘em, you won’t be leaving this show anytime soon, these guys are too damn good.

“The Man” has a distinct mandolin-picking pick me up and go start and I swear I hear some violin or fiddle in there. A song that takes on a man with some issues that goes right to the heart of hard drugs and carelessness of your fellow man. The brothers Parker by now have shown to be exceptional talents as they have quirks, grungy tones, wild picking, and songs that get your boot tapping right along with them. The bass glues it all together as the Doctor-like skins work on drummer ‘Scruffy’ Scriminger fills it all out perfectly.

So at the end of the day, all I can tell you is this is one impressive band. They fit that ‘jam band’ label perfectly but don’t be fooled by that, that is why I lent the “Phish” name to this; I have a feeling each show is unique and that these guys can pretty much do whatever they choose on any given night. And that my friends, is beautiful.

Look for them soon near you. A birdie flew by to chirp that they might be appearing at the Westcott hopefully sooner rather than later. Let us hope that bird is right!

State of the Union track list:

  • No Mercy
  • State of the Union
  • Woman Tonight
  • The Man
  • One By One
  • Online Love
  • Money Grabbers
  • My Girl


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