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Waterseed brings back popular tunes with a hot new flavor with Retro Electro

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Retro Electro


The latest project from Waterseed, Retro Electro, is a brilliantly themed musical production. The album consists of remakes of popular tunes. When you see the song titles, you think you know what to expect. When you hear the music, it is like nothing you've ever heard. Waterseed literally recreates the songs. In a recent interview, founding member, Lou Hill, expressed that he wanted a CD that DJs would love; but one that is also ethnic, in that diverse ethnicity is represented. The project includes classic tunes from Prince, Sade, The Eurythmics and more. These are songs that Waterseed includes in their live performance repertoire. They decided to record them for their fans. The album is available for free on the Waterseed website.

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Retro Electro is a showcase of the musical genius of each member of the group. They took the songs and broke them down, note by note, rhythm by rhythm. They didn't just put them back together. They rearranged them in such a way that you don't compare them to the originals. You simply enjoy the Waterseed version.

Waterseed delivers a vibrant fusion of jazz, blues, classical and R&B. According to Lou Hill, Waterseed's organic expression starts with a concept and direction. From that point "the education, the experience, the life experience and the love of music" comes into play. Because the group comes from such diverse music backgrounds, it it critical to have direction, in order to produce a cohesive album. Waterseed's goal is to produce music that you can only get from Waterseed. They want their music to be studied by young musicians even after they are gone. All of the group members are accomplished and classically trained musicians;

Waterseed is currently featured in the New Music Showcase on WBDN media, which includes the interview with Lou Hill. Visit the Waterseed website for more information about the group, tour schedules and more music.