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'Waters Fall' is raw and amazing, the anatomy of an affair explored

Waters Fall by Becky Doughty
Waters Fall by Becky Doughty
Image courtesy of BraveHearts Press/Bryan Stifle

Waters Fall


*ARC provided by Netgalley

In a story that can only be called raw and amazing, ‘Waters Fall’ is certainly a book that will make you flinch. It has infidelity, pain, bitterness, and is so well told that Becky Doughty now has fans under her hooks.

Waters Fall is about a marriage falling apart. Nora is tired of something or wants something more and the prologue introduces her sinking under icy waters at Anderson Hollow(the water is a very significant symbol in this book).

Eventually Nora meets Tristan- the very attractive, carefree artist and suddenly she begins to adore everything about him: his art, his his studio-his charm. All to the destruction of her marriage and what makes things worse, she has two children and a husband. What could she be thinking? What could be so bad that a woman would even think to treat her husband the way she does?

What will make your heart twist and turn is how Nora treats her husband. This is not to say Jake is off the hook. Certainly not. They are both warped. Yet her constant berating him reminds you of the nagging wife Scripture found in Proverbs 15:17(HCSB). She was intolerable and it truthfully made finishing the book that much harder but that much more enticing.

Jake, her husband, has to have done something wrong and while reading, you see bits and pieces of his own mess revealed.

Doughty’s writing is truly what is missing from fiction these days. She is not afraid to reveal the ugly details of what happens when a marriage is toppling over. She also explores what happens when we put the ones we love on a pedestal.

So many layers and themes are riddled through this book.

This is all to say you should grab this book and read it with your spouse- if you dare.

Book Details:

Waters Fall, Becky Doughty

BraveHearts Press(May 2014)

Ebook Edition

*Book was provided for free for my unbiased review.

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