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Water Country USA's newest water thrill ride Colossal Curl

The outside of Colossal Curl.
The outside of Colossal Curl.
C. Dagnelli

Water County USA Colossal Curl


Water parks are a welcome oasis in the warm weather months for those who love adventure and need to cool off. Most parks have a reputation for long lines, and lots of stairs to climb. Water Country is not really set up this way, sure there will be some lines, and definitely some stairs to climb, but overall there is much more. Water Country USA is the water park for Busch Garden’s in Williamsburg VA and the largest in the Mid-Atlantic area. It is a grassy, tropical oasis of a water park set to a retro surf theme. In honor of Water Country’s 30th anniversary this year the new family thrill ride Colossal Curl was recently unveiled. Colossal Curl is a 552 foot-long slide with a 67 foot drop, which shoots riders in a raft approximately 22 feet per-second. Which I can tell you, turns out to be pretty fast. This is the only water thrill ride in the country that combines both funnel and wave elements in the same ride.

Conquer the Curl if you aren't afraid of water

I was able to enjoy this ride on the day of its official opening and was sent down it with a Busch Gardens Camera guy and team. I prefer raft rides over body slides because you can see what is going on better and you feel less out-of-control. But when your raft turns so you are the one going backwards, well, then you are up for some surprises. Thank goodness for handgrips. You can see the POV video here of the full ride.

If you are brave enough to conquer the curl and in decent shape (it is 108 steps to the top) I do recommend it, it is fun and just the right amount of thrill. To avoid lines, you should make this one of your first stops. (Colossal Curl is near the entrance). Many ASD kids who have difficulty waiting in line can get the disability pass at guest services of Water Country as well. You can pick 3 rides where a team member will escort you to the top.

If you would rather pass, there are plenty of other places in the park to cool off. Take a cruise down the Hubba Hubba Highway, the fastest, non-lazy- lazy river…its about 1500 feet long with plenty of ambiance, overhead sprayers in spots, and cool music. Water Country also has a wave pool and 4 other water playground areas for different needs. Plus 9 other slides, a mix of body, and raft and a mix of thrills. Those who like the most thrill should ride Vanish Point, it is the next most intense ride in the park. Those who don't like a lot of thrill may enjoy Big Daddy Falls or Aquazoid, both raft rides. Those who don't ride and just want to enjoy the sun can take in the “aquabatics” show.

Water Country does take some time to get around, it is beautifully landscaped and there are plenty of places to get a bite to eat. Here is a link to the park’s map. There are also cabanas and lounge chairs you can reserve that come with perks like bottled water, towels, a locker depending on your needs. There of course are regular lounge chairs by the wave pool that is first come first served. If you aren't a pass holder you do not have to pay for parking twice if visiting Busch Gardens the same day.

Click here to learn more about the disability program