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'Warrior Queen'

A queen moves unknown among a group of people to secretly free captured slaves.


Actually based on an 1970's England broadcasting series, the 2003 film which featured film star Emily Blunt as Isolda, and then Alex Kingston as opposed to the television version of Siân Phillips starred as Boudica, Queen of the Iceni. The warrior queen, Queen Boudica fought the Romans on behalf of her people during the time of Britain under Roman rule.The interesting authenticity of the stage settings added a lot of complement to the 1970's style hairstyles on the women. The clothing followed some suit here.The geographical base of the story features Pompeii, and that most current rave & popular summer film of the name of same place of the setting of this true story, based film. The Warrior Queen British based film also actually reflects some of the history of a more recent film. Featured information about King Prasutagus of the Icenii, and Nemo the Roman Emperor of Rome. The film does not feature all historically correct scenario. However, that the volcano does eventually erupt, seemed the only factual means with which the innocent people who suffered torture escaped from evil just like in Pompeii. However, that these ancient people used other people for unkind means seems to coincide with the film trope of the critique here rather well. Director, Bill Anderson described the problem perfectly through his use of art as reality.

As many different media creations of the Irish warriro queen here, of which many arose from around the Celte era of the 1,200's B.C., one of a few of the more rare releases captioned by photo here. Isolda in 'Warrior Queen' (2003).

The interesting plot of Warrior Queen revolves around the queen assuring each slave who she rescues of the worth and value which they own as a person.The demonstrated arrogance of the abusing king and the treatment of others far away from him just because he desired to usurp their position, land & goods even though he owned a bounty of several thousand or more acres bordered shows how the shameless promotion of the disrespect of a few weak women within a minority speaks more of crime than of good, Christian chivalry. Also, the way the male leaders of that land tried to join together with evil people of another paternal land to openly engage in warrior wartime fighting to beat down the smaller, weaker & more innocent feminine creatures who they never even knew before, showed that human nature is no excuse for violent acts of shameless intent. Then, creating as if more small conflicts with each other for reasons of pride alone, only further proved the black heart of the male pepetrators whose unengaged sect seemed a more communal abode ~ A den of lions and with all of the other depictions of the way that the time period went, at least the film because of the dignity & gracious wisdom to rule & reign of warrior women rates above the average gladiator movie. Also, the effort of the actresses to really live the story, and not just with words alone, since the film depicts the raw reality of the torment and torture of slaves, the story although female children also suffered same, deems itself therefore appropriate for only those mature audiences whose level of compassion for the beat and hurting rates the same. Rated R.