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'Warm Bodies' review

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Warm Bodies


Warm Bodies is a supernatural teen romance much like Twilight. But unlike Twilight, Warm Bodies is both witty and charming. If you can get past the rather ridiculous scenario in which a human girl falls in love with a zombie, you'll be gratified to find a predictable yet touching little romance with an interesting twist.

Ok, yes it's kind of a crazy story, but it evades the pitfalls Twilight falls into with a deft tongue-in-cheek humor and a few charming characters. Twilight and its ilk sink into a mire of unlikeable and unrealistic caricatures while it revels in its "taking-itself-too-seriously" filth. In a refreshing turn, Warm Bodies does not take itself too seriously, and though there is some inherent cheesiness in the "voice over" narration, it ends up being more charming than off-putting (again, unlike Twilight).

Typical in all the good ways, Warm Bodies wins with a charismatic lead (Nicholas Hoult), and some cutsie directing ala Jonathan Levine (50/50). The directing reminded me of the off-kilter fun of Zombie Land (but without all the non-traditional graphics).

Hoult plays a loveable zombie named "R." He can't remember his name, but he does know love when it hits him like a bullet in the head. Julie is a fighting member of the dwindling human population that lives behind the semi-safety of a huge wall they've erected in the middle of the city. When they have a chance meeting (ok, attack) and R saves her instead of eating her brains, the world begins to change.

One thing I appreciate about this film is that, though a somewhat silly story, it has a good message and some nifty metaphor. Said metaphor does kind of hit you over the head at times, but paired with the above-average dialogue, humor, and acting, Warm Bodies is definitely worth a trip to the theater to see.