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Warehouse 13 Season 5 Premiere: Beginning of the End

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Warehouse 13 Seaon Premier


Does the guy or gal who dies with the most artifacts win? Paracelsus’s takeover of Warehouse 13 at season four’s end wasn’t so much about artifact collection as it was their value in furthering science. Primed to bring scientific achievement into the forefront, Paracelsus (Anthony Stewart Head) time travels himself and the warehouse gang into an altered time line where sleek and stylish replaces steam punk and retro in the season premier.
Immediately, we find Myka released from the hospital with little fanfare despite her trepidations about cancer making us wonder if Pete’s deal with Paracelsus really did result in her healing? It seems so when Pete sheepishly admits he chose her welfare over the collective universe. But that’s the kind of character drama that makes Warehouse 13 great. Will this storyline evolve into something more insidious?
Speaking of character development, Claudia shoulders more weight as future warehouse caretaker. It is her connection with the warehouse that allows Paracelsus to play her like a puppet, firing bullets and bows at Pete and Steve.
Fortunately, all survive Paracelsus’s ‘worst’ efforts and the episode takes off when the gang find themselves caught in the wake of the villain’s time adjustments, including the very real threat of human and artifact merger as Artie will nearly come to find out.
While the futuristic and altered warehouse threatens all, Paracelsus is freed from his captive past in 1510 (another timeline altered) to do away with the regents. With Pete and Myka in tow, the plan is thwarted with the aid of DaVinci's granddaughter. But the altered time line gives Warehouse 2 expert Benedict Valda (Mark Sheppard) a rebirth. It is Valda’s ‘second chance’ which now will threaten Warehouse 13 as we’ve come to know it for the final five episodes.
Some of the questions to be answered in the series final eps: Is Myka really okay? What might Claudia’s evil sister Claire be up to? Will Artie, Pete, Myka and Steve still be warehouse employees by series’ end? Will there be a Warehouse 14? Oh, and what is the final word on Mrs. Frederic?