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‘War of the Worlds Goliath’ gives the classic a steampunk twist

War of the Worlds Goliath


There are animated films coming out all the times in both theaters and straight to video. Sadly those that come to video are usually rehashes of other versions that are on the big screen or sequels of some kind, but every so often an original film comes along that tries something new. The latest War of the Worlds Goliath sports a decent voice cast including Adrian Paul, Adam Baldwin, James Arnold Taylor and is produced by Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle co-creator Kevin Eastman, but does it pack the punch needed to stand out?

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In War of the Worlds Goliath it has been 15 years since the original Martian invasion. Fearing another attack, the human race has prepared itself with 'Goliath', the vanguard of an army of steam-powered battle walkers, heat-ray biplanes, and armored zeppelins facing a Martian fleet of giant fighting machines and flying wings in a struggle to save Earth. There have been so many variations on the classic War of the Worlds story, but nothing quite like this. The retro steampunk aspect of this add a cool new element to the war with mars making for a compelling story. The biggest issue with this film is the pacing as it runs a bit slow for the first half of the film. This is clearly to try an build up the characters and story which is fine, it just felt like there were some directions that could have been left out to streamline it. Once you get to the meat of the film it picks up a bit with some fun action featuring not only the alien tripods, but with varying steampunk themed war machines including zepplins, bi-planes and Star Wars like walkers. The animation is really great showcasing both a bit of an anime style blended with an American style as well. They use some great camera styles to enhance the overall look that really takes it to another level.

Visually this is a cool looking movie filled with some great action, but as mentioned before it is pretty slow paced so may lose some. Fans of steampunk and / or the War of the Worlds story will likely enjoy this film, but others may be on the fence. Animation is one of those genres that is subject to so many variations that it is sure to hit everyone differently so check it out for yourself when it hits stores on April 1st.

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