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Want a gadget that helps you with household chores?

bObsweep PetHair
bObsweep PetHair

Bobsweep Pethair


Vacuuming is never fun.

And as you get older, it’s even less so.

But thanks to technology, the task can be a little more fun and a lot less backbreaking.

Recently I purchased a bObsweep PetHair for my parents, so that they’d have one less household task to do. Essentially, they’ve earned a little time to relax, and it puts my mind at ease knowing they have fewer manual chores.

Before purchasing the gift, I watched the videos and read all of the necessary information. The description seemed a little too good to be true.

For example, according to the developer’s website:

“bObsweep's automatic floor-cleaning capacity, together with his extra-large brush, effectively takes the hair off your carpets and floors. Bob’s side brush will collect the hair from those hard-to-reach corners. Once Bobsweep is turned on or set according to your timetable, he will brush through and clean floors of all types – rugs, carpets, hardwood floors – free of your pet’s hair more easily than a vacuum cleaner.”

Despite all of this information, I was still on the fence. The last thing I wanted to do is to create more stress for my parents with an overly complicated gadget that doesn’t deliver on its promises. So I waited, and deliberated, and finally purchased the bObsweep through an alarmingly wonderful Groupon. The full price for the gadget is $669, plus shipping.

After Bobsweep landed on my parents’ porch, it reportedly took very little time to set up. The gadget can operate independently, or users can direct it where to go, using the remote control. They chose the former option, and watched as Bobsweep went on his merry way throughout the house. First, around the front room as they looked on, watching it zip across the carpet, along the walls, and into the corners. It spent a little more time on high trafficked, dirtier areas. And when it was done there, off it went, down the hall, bustling about, tucking into bedrooms and bathrooms. Occasionally Bobsweep got tangled up in an errant cord, or frustrated by a coven of chairs. But, unlike their standard vacuum cleaner, bObsweep is small enough to fit under beds and furniture that harbor dust bunnies big enough to qualify as rabbits. And the tracks it leaves in the carpet mean that you know where Bob has been. And when Bob needs to be recharged? It heads back to its docking station for a charge. Creepily cool.

bObsweep PetHair is dedicated to tracking down and picking up pet hair. And given that it’s spring and my parents’ dog is shedding, they had to empty the bObsweep dustbin twice within 24 hours. Much of this hair was likely recovered from the less trafficked, harder to reach areas of the carpet. Regardless, it’s a boon for neat-nicks and allergy sufferers alike.

bObsweep is nowhere near as loud as a regular vacuum cleaner, and for that, my parents’ dog seems relieved. But given its unpredictability and, likely, that it must seem omnipresent; the dog is not a huge fan. But with that said, the two co-exist rather peacefully.

Although the price for the gadget is still rather steep, I would imagine that it could be well worth it for senior citizens, parents who work around the clock and are operating on minimal sleep (read: most parents), people who suffer from seasonal and pet allergies, and folks who suffer from chronic back and neck pain.

I've been swept away, and you just might be, too.

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