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Walter Mosley, 'Debbie doesn't do it anymore' by Patricia Tramble

Walter Mosley

Debbie doesn't do it anymore


Pornography is an 8 billion dollar industry. It attracts and affects people from all walks of life. The people who usually get into the business are run-a-ways, drug addicts, and people who want to become actors. For some it is a quick way to make a buck, to others it simply becomes a way of life. But what happens to the individual when the camera is turned off and he or she is left alone? Pornography is not a true form of intimacy.

Providing entertainment in the world and receiving a steady paycheck is Debbie Dare's life. She started at the age of 15 by performing tricks for men in parking lots. This is where Theon Pinkey, who later became her husband, found her and introduced her to the pornography industry. She became well known and famous and recognizable around the city where they lived. But an accident which results in her husband's death makes Debbie take a long hard look at her life. The decisions she has made and the son she left behind. Family wounds that need to be healed. The people who have died in her line of work either by disease or drug abuse. But most importantly, the changes she needs to make for herself before she can leave this life behind.

Author Walter Mosley, famous for his “Easy Rawlins Series” presents his latest work. True to form, Mosley presents characters who are flawed but are good people at heart. He writes about characters who exist in everyday life. In “Debbie doesn't do it anymore,” he makes the reader consider their own humanity and rethink their moral clause. Mosley presents a world to the reader who secretly perhaps has enjoyed, but never considered the lives of the people on screen. People who make a living in loosing their way.

“Debbie doesn't do it anymore” by Walter Mosley is a good read. The novel shows how a person can rethink her life and rise to the occasion of change. Family relationships can be healed and forgiven. Although never easy, it can be done. With the right support and help, a chaotic life can be turned into a peaceful one.