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Walking Dead Premiere: Find Out Who Survived the First Episode

The Walking Dead season 4


Readers should be aware this article contains The Walking Dead” spoilers.

Did your favorite character survive?

“The Walking Dead” premiere captivated viewers while answering a lot of the unanswered questions left from the last finale and still left some open questions lurking for a great second episode.

Okay, here is what happened:

The opening scene was of Michonne tying up some loose ends at the prison where the friends made their refuge. A camera scans across the body of the Governor, immobile and undoubtedly done and dead. Michonne also confirms for viewers that the head of Hershel was justifiably taken out of its walker misery as she stabbed his brain with the infamous samurai-like sword. It kind of brings a definite bitter close to the questions concerning the Governor and Hershel.

The next people of interest were Carl and Rick. Rick is seen hobbling along with Carl who is being more annoying than usual believe it or not. The two do a bit of the good ol’ fashioned father son bickering as they decide indirectly who should be the leader. In fact, many Miami viewers agreed that Carl was being irritatingly independent as the hash-tag “KillCarl” trended throughout the show. In any event, the two take refuge in a house in which Rick lies down to go to “sleep”. It is unclear if Rick is dead or dying as Carl is sent on a monologue about how he does not need Rick to survive only to encounter numerous walkers around and the home that he cannot handle. Even the poor kid Carl believes Rick is dying as his beaten body rolls off the couch and reaches for him in a ‘walker-esque’ manner. Carl aims the gun at his dead dad to shoot him in the head, admits that he cannot do it and sobs only to realize he is not dead anyway. Carl definitely would have lost whatever fans he accumulated after showing he was a great big brother last season and a great shot if he would have killed the living legendary leader Rick.

Did you know: Each walker is put through zombie school so they know how to walk and act like a zombie.

Michonne takes a nap and the viewers get a brief flashback to her past. Audiences get to see her family and her son. It brought on emotion and evoked all types of sympathy points for the strong-hearted Michonne who seemed ruthless and zombie-killer-ganster-ish. Michonne wakes up and goes into some type of self-induced state of shock as she gathers her followers (walkers on leashes) and blends in with the crowd.

If Carl failing to kill Rick or if Michonne’s completion of Hershel’s head was not a true tear jerker, the ending had to be one! Guess who reunites in the end? While eating a hearty meal, Michonne knocks at Rick and Carl’s front door. It was a reunion that will hopefully be duplicated as producers get Darryl, Maggie and the rest back together again.

Was this episode everything you could ask for? What was it missing? What was your favorite parts of “The Walking Dead”? Let us know below!

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