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Vysera-CLS : Does Vysera-CLS Work?



Vysera-CLS Overview

Vysera-CLS is the latest in a recent series of rapid weight loss supplements advertised as being able to encourage weight reduction with little to no dieting or exercise involved. The makers of Vysera-CLS claim that the supplement is able to target trouble spots and reshape a user’s entire body, all within 30 days.

Vysera-CLS Product Details

The active ingredient is Vysera-CLS is a well-known carbohydrate blocker listed as Phaseolus Compressus DC, which is also known as white bean extract. White bean extract does contain an enzyme that reduces carbohydrate absorption, which lowers the overall calorie consumption-especially for those who are eating a high carbohydrate diet.

Additionally, white bean extract has been shown, in limited studies, to reduce glucose and insulin, and may reduce appetite. Vysera-CLS also contains at least two other compounds that reduce glucose and insulin levels, including vitamin B3 (niacinamide) and chromium picolinate. Herbal elements include velvet bean, passionflower, ginseng, and
lemon balm (among others) that are supposed to lessen cravings for sugar and promote overall emotional well-being. Metabolism support is provided by cacao, cayenne pepper, and caffeine.

Good About Vysera-CLS

The primary active ingredient in Vysera-CLS is the white bean extract, which has been successfully proven to reduce carbohydrate absorption, leading to fewer calories overall. It has undergone clinical testing and has no reports of severe side effects. Additionally, the product is advertised as working within 30 days, allowing users to see results quickly.

Bad About Vysera-CLS

At this point, there is little reliable research focused exclusively on Vysera-CLS. The evidence provided is primarily testimonial, and it is relatively expensive when compared to similar supplements. Users sensitive to caffeine may experience side effects such as headaches, but the company is very vague about its return and refund policy. The product is only available online.

Vysera-CLS Bottom Line

Vysera-CLS advertises itself as a miracle pill for rapid, easy weight-loss. Although the main ingredient has some solid research supporting its effectiveness, there have no studies specifically focusing on the combination of ingredients used in Vysera-CLS. Until reliable studies have been done on this specific product, including evidence on its effectiveness and side-effect profile, it’s probably best to pass at least for now.

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