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Vonzell Solomon's STRONGER Shows There Is Love After Loss

STRONGER by Vonzell Solomon


Many of us were introduced to singing sensation Vonzell Solomon through the platform that is American Idol---but even after she left the show her impact on music has been felt in each and every song she's released.

In her album TRUE STORY we are given great tracks that explore love, life and happiness, and STRONGER is definitely a combination of all three. Vonzell weaves a story of a "broken girl with a shattered smile," appearing that true love was for everyone else but her. How many women (and even us guys) can relate to that feeling?

But something happened for the girl that Vonzell sings about. "I was used to being broken," she says. "I was used to being let down. I was used to being incomplete but look at me now!" She was able to open up her heart and see that there was love after loss, and no matter how painful a separation might have ben it doesn't have to mean the end. "I'm stronger, stronger than I've ever been," she sings. "Stronger... I've learned to love again. I was torn inside," she confesses but "finally I'm alive. My heart has found peace because of you."

This feeling of love that Vonzell sings about and that comes through in the video is exactly what we all want. "Feels like I can fly now that you've given me wings," she says. "It always felt to me that love would always be something that existed in my dreams." She found the "hero" in her story and because of that "this fairy tale has just begun."

There are other tracks on TRUE STORY that will touch you, but STRONGER is sure to be a favorite. It is Vonzell Solomon at her best, and another reason why we can't get enough of her.

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