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Vonage World; your connection to the world

Vonage world


This is not your daddy’s Vonage. Years ago, when VoIP just started out, Vonage’s name was synonymous with the startup of the technology. Well, like the cigarette commercial once said, “You’ve come a long way baby.”

I got a hold of the new Vonage (world) box and let me be the first to say, that the clarity, the sound quality and general Vonage service are poised to take over the VoIP market. Previously I have reviewed many other VoIP offerings, including those from Ooma, MagicJack and other VoIP apps on my iPone

The Vonage World plan helps put Vonage a notch above other VoIP providers. Vonage World includes unlimited1 calling to anywhere in the U.S. and more than 60 other countries (see list at the bottom of this review), for $25.99 per month.

Complaints are certainly lacking with Vonage call quality. Everything was clear. When tested with the same phone against the analog line and other VoIP systems, Vonage held the top spot here. There was clarity, clearness and absolutely NO echo. There is certainly a difference between it and an analog line.

Vonage World's unique and useful features help separate it from the rest of the VoIP pack. In particular, the Vonage World plan adds some incredibly useful and cool new voicemail features that further cement its position as the VoIP leader. Users of Apple's iPhone will immediately understand the huge benefits of Vonage Visual Voicemail. Rather than having to call up a number and listen to each voicemail individually, users can simply log into their Vonage account and see who called, when, and the length of the message. This can be an incredible time saver for heavy voicemail users. Its other extremely useful feature is free text transcription of all your voicemails. You can have the text (and, of course, the audio) of any new voicemail emailed to you as soon as it arrives. This service is particularly good for highly mobile people and enables you to get your voicemails in places you normally couldn't. While the transcriptions aren't always perfect, they almost always give you a clear understanding of the message.

Vonage World also includes a full feature list including but not limited to;

  • caller ID
  • call waiting,
  • enhanced call forwarding
  • do not disturb
  • 3-way calling
  • anonymous call block
  • Outstanding and enhanced voicemail

Check the Vonage website for a full list and descriptions of all Vonage's features.

The big kicker that will not keep Vonage at the top, but will keep others from the spot is the unlimited calling to several international areas. Basically all continents are covered on this plan.

So say good bye to any phone company, whether it be VOiP or analog, and tell them Vonage sent you.


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